Summer reading program events are a big hit

Diane Wong-Kong portrays a ShiShi to spread good luck to the crowd in Minden.

Diane Wong-Kong portrays a ShiShi to spread good luck to the crowd in Minden.
Photo by Haley Estabrook.

The Summer Reading Program hosted a performance by the Japanese drum group Taiko Tsurunokai.

Brought by the Pioneer Center Youth Program, the drummers performed Japanese Folk Music that vibrated the CVIC Hall on June 30.

The name, Tsurunokai, means “gathering of the crane.” The cranes image is used in Japanese culture as a symbol of longevity and happiness.

Members of the group make their drums out of wine barrels and cowhide. All the drums are made in Reno. All attendees got the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and were taught rhythms that they could drum on their laps. Taiko Tsurunoki brought three odaiko, meaning “big drum” in English. They also brought one kodaiko that is a smaller drum. The group consisted of six members being, Rieko Shimbo, Cindy Lu, Diane Wong-Kone, Julie Dyson, Malia Mitoka and Maddy Kao.

The group brought “good luck” to the crowd as Wong-Kong portrayed a ShiShi, for what is known as a “lion dance”. Wong-Kong danced around as a lion and went around the crowd “biting” people to bring them good luck.

Shimbo said that she encourages people to come out to their practices every Monday at 7 p.m. at Mountainview Montessori school to try it out.

Presenting an “Ocean of Possibilities” for Douglas County, the 2022 Summer Reading Program is encouraging people of all ages to get to reading.

The Douglas County Public Library has reading activities and challenges for babies all the way up to adults. The program is being done at the Minden and Zephyr Cove Library Branches.

It isn’t too late to start summer reading activities as the program does not end until July 30. An account can be set up on The account lets participants log how much they have read along with earn badges by completing challenges. Participants can also earn virtual raffle tickets by going to events.

Children can earn prizes based on their age group. Each age group has different requirements for how much reading needs to be done to start winning prizes. Some of the grand prizes for the groups include a “Baby Shark” bundle, a gamer bundle, a do a kick flip bundle and a “Nintendo” bundle.

This year’s reading program and events are sponsored by Friends of Douglas County Library, Institute of Museum and Library services, and the Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records. These sponsors help make all these events free for those who want to participate. They also sponsor prizes for those involved.

The fun isn’t over for the summer reading program as the finale of the Summer Reading Program will be a Wildlife Show by the Conservation Ambassadors. The Zephyr Cove Library’s show will be held at 2 p.m. in the Zephyr Cove Library Meeting Room and the Minden branch will hold their show at the CVIC Hall at 4 p.m. July 28.


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