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Topaz Lake resident Becca Anne is performing in “Senior Cut Day.” Photo special to The R-C

Topaz Lake resident Becca Anne is performing in “Senior Cut Day.” Photo special to The R-C

After graduating from Douglas High school in 2019, Topaz Lake resident Rebecca Gieser (Becca Anne), wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life but ended up finding a hidden passion that led her to star in a thriller film recently.

Directed and produced by Alvin Gray, Becca Anne, portrays main character Casey who along with a friend, set out to a small town in Northern Nevada to capture a documentary about Julia Bulette, but comes across more than just a ghost story.

“It was a really unique experience and I learned so much,” said Becca Anne.

She said Gray reached out to her on the Instagram page she uses as a modeling portfolio.

“He asked if I had ever acted before,” she said. “It was really unexpected, but I was excited to take on the experience.”

Becca Anne said people expected her to drop out of high school, but the Jobs for American Graduate program inspired her to pursue her interests.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, but JAG and Coach McGuire really inspired me and didn’t give up on me,” she said. “I have always been creative and interested in art. I was the girl who came to school with fancy outfits and my makeup done, but I never thought I would pursue an acting and modeling career.”

Becca Anne said she has been modeling professionally for at least four years.

“It just kind of fell into my lap,” she said. “A local photographer had a contest for a free photoshoot, and I won the contest. We really connected and the photo shoot turned into several hours and from there it all just happened.”

She said she’d been published in over 10 magazines including Boudior Inspirations, Penidá, Le Désir, Moevir and more.

“It unlocked a hidden passion, and it took off from there,” she said.

For the role of Casey, Becca Anne said she found she had a lot in common with her character and discovered another interest she didn’t know she had.

“Casey is a film director seeking a good documentary ghost story,” said Becca Anne. “She’s adventurous and loves to travel and she’s hardheaded. Which I can really relate to in similar ways, I am hardheaded, too, and like to stick things out until I accomplish something.”

Though she didn’t have any prior acting experience, she was excited to be learning alongside professionals.

“It was hard to scream properly and to do the fighting, especially since I didn’t have any experience, but it was great learning from other actors and actresses and fun to pretend to be someone else. I had a lot of fun,” she said.

After high school, Becca Anne said she started taking classes at Western Nevada College for a business management degree, but has taken a break to focus on her modeling and acting career.

“I eventually want to open a modeling agency, but I am trying to get into another film now,” she said. “I would love to make acting into a career. It’s something I can definitely see myself doing for the rest of my life.”

If you want to be successful at something, she said to never give up.

“It’s something we hear a lot in life, but it’s true,” she said. “That’s what I live by. Life is too short to worry about pleasing anyone else, but being your authentic self and doing what you love and are most passionate about will take you so far in life while self-doubt will only hold you back from your dream life.”

She said it’s important to pay attention to what interests you and brings you the most joy.

“Listen to that little voice in your head,” she said. “If you like writing, write about little things that you want to share with the world and who knows one day you’ll be inspired to be an author. We are all creators of our own experience.”

And in an industry where “no” seems more common than the “yes,” Becca Anne said it’s especially important to remember what inspired her.

“Be your most authentic self. You may hear “no” a lot in this industry or that “you might not be a good fit,” etc., but all it takes is that one “yes” and that one person to see the beauty and you’ll stand out more. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, all it takes is the drive to be successful in this life and you will be.”

“Senior Cut Days premiered Nov. 11 at Fox Peek Theater in Fallon. It was directed and produced by Gray, a Baltimore native. With more than 15 years of film experience, he is best known for his cinematography and has produced a considerable number of films and music videos and is an Emmy and Grammy winning artist.

“If you like thrillers that keep you interested in what the next scene will be, this movie is for you,” said Becca Anne. “Senior Cut Days gives a sneak peek into the scary truth of what could happen if the government turned a part of its population into a homeless compound and the horrors it would bring amongst society.”

“Senior Cut Days,” will be available to stream on Peacock and Tubi by the end of the year.

For more information about Becca Anne visit her on Instagram at beccaaannemodel or on Facebook under Becca Anne. Gray can be found on Instagram at Mistergray2020.


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