Gardnerville 9-year-old Little Miss Grand Supreme Winner

Kalila McConville

Kalila McConville


Kalila McConville has been crowned World’s Little Miss Tourism Grand Supreme 2022 at World Miss Tourism pageant in July in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

“It was so exciting and fun,” said McConville, age 9. “I was happy because I had won, it was the first time I had.”

The pageant consists of interviews, photogenic, gown, and a State Costume of something unknown about their state. McConville participated in all of the optional categories including talent, modeling, and “off the rack” wear, taking the title of World’s Junior Miss Silver at the state level of the competition and World’s Little Miss Tourism Grand Supreme at the nationals in Tennessee.

“I think the pageant is overall a good system,” said McConville. “They help you grow as a person. They’ve helped me grow my confidence and my public speaking.”

During the “Something unknown about home state” portion of the pageant McConville chose to bring awareness to the Republic of Molossia, a sovereign, independent nation, located in Dayton.

The Molossian nation was established in 1977. It has its own navy, naval academy, space program, railroad, postal service, bank, measurement system, holidays, online radio station and even its own time zone. For information visit

“The point was to research and present a fun fact about your state,” said McConville. “It was fun to do that research and find something interesting about our state.”

McConville has been participating in pageants since she was two years old and said the best part is the chance to make new friends.

“Basically, in pageants you’re all a family,” she said.

McConville said the most important thing to remember when competing in a pageant is to have fun and be kind.

“You’re literally judged on how kind you are to others,” she said. “So, it’s important to stay strong, be happy for the person who won, because there’s always another chance, and take lots of pictures and make lots of friends.”

With her title, McConville plans to continue to spread kindness and have fun where ever she goes.

The purpose of Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant is to inspire, influence and lead by bringing joy and kindness to the world through visible appearance, challenges, community service and tours contestants do in their towns, cities, states and nations or the world.

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