Tahoe Christmas tree permits sell out in 90 minutes

Christmas tree cutting permits go on sale at Lake Tahoe on Wednesday. You can find a permit at www.recreation.gov and search for Lake Tahoe or Humboldt-Toiyabe.

Christmas tree cutting permits go on sale at Lake Tahoe on Wednesday. You can find a permit at www.recreation.gov and search for Lake Tahoe or Humboldt-Toiyabe.


Less than 90 minutes after Christmas tree permits went on sale at Lake Tahoe on Wednesday they were sold out.

Spokeswoman Lisa Herron said there were 1,500 permits offered for the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit when they went on sale at 8 a.m. and by 9:30 a.m. they were all sold.

Permits to cut Christmas trees from firs to piñon are available across federal lands surrounding Carson Valley, offering an adventure into the mountains.

“Cutting a Christmas tree supports forest health by reducing the number of small-diameter trees in densely populated stands,” officials say. “Local forest health experts identify areas that benefit from thinning trees that tend to be the perfect size for Christmas trees. Removing these trees in designated areas helps other trees grow larger and can open areas that provide forage for wildlife.”

An opportunity to have a Nevada icon over for Christmas opened Monday when the Bureau of Land Management begins selling Christmas tree permits.

For those seeking something in the way of a fir, pine or cedar tree, permits are sill available on the Carson and Bridgeport districts of the Humboldt-Toiyabe and the Eldorado National Forests.

Portions of traditional tree-cutting areas have been closed due to the summer fires.

Piñons are the Nevada state tree and available for cutting through Christmas with a $5 permit.

Upon purchase of a permit, a map and permit stipulations will be provided. No more than 10 permits may be purchased by one individual; the permits are for individual use only. The permit allows the purchaser to cut only a piñon pine or juniper tree. The cutting of all other tree species is prohibited.

To purchase a Christmas tree, permit online, visit https://forestproducts.blm.gov/ and search for Nevada, Carson City District Office.

Harvesters should be circumspect about cutting trees near residential areas bordering on federal lands.

To purchase a Christmas tree permit on National Forest lands, visit www.recreation.gov and search for the specific forest and Christmas Tree Permits.

If you’re buying a permit online, you have to set up an account.

Permits should be printed prior to arrival at the cutting area and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle before leaving.

Forest officials ask that cutters take the entire tree instead of topping one.

When going into the wilderness, check the weather before leaving and tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.

Tree cutters should be prepared with warm clothing, first aid kit, extra food and water, heavy rope or chain, shovel and tire chains, in the event of bad road conditions or inclement weather. Some cutting areas may be inaccessible after snowfall, so it is advisable to cut trees early in the season.

In addition, while out cutting your Christmas tree, remember to have your permit, follow all cutting stipulations, and all recommended procedures to prevent wildfires. In addition, stay on existing roads, consult your maps to insure you are on public land.


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