Tigers earn their stripes


At least 33 Minden and Gardnerville residents are graduating today from the University of Nevada, Reno.

That’s just the number of residents who still list the twin Carson Valley towns as home. We’re certain there are several more who’ve moved to the Truckee Meadows to be closer to school.

At least four of the graduates listed in the newspaper today had their births announced in The R-C.

Even more became published authors in the second-grade as part of The R-C’s Letters to Santa.

Graduate Ashley Edwards was one of two Douglas High students who brought lacrosse to Carson Valley.

Tiger pitcher Jeremy Aleman, who brought the heat at Douglas, and fellow Tiger baseball player Spencer Trivitt will be walking.

Carmen Shaw played volleyball, Jillyan Jacobson played soccer for the Tigers. Josefina Sigala competed with the Douglas Dolfins.

Many of the students on the list appeared in honor rolls for schools across the Valley. Many, like Cassandra Hergenrader and Demi Bera, received scholarships from local clubs. A photo of 3-year-old Bera appeared in The R-C when she was petting a goat at Trick or Treat Safety Street.

Joseph Sullivan was a junior lifeguard at Carson Valley Swim Center. Cameron Whybrew, Keith Becker and Wenny Lu appeared in stories about science competitions.

Rachel Rauber, who graduated from Douglas High School in 2011, is graduating with a medical degree after receiving her undergraduate degree in 2016.

They and the many others who are earning their degrees at educational institutions across the country are this nation’s leaders for the future.

Those who were born around the turn of the century have seen a rough couple of decades. We believe that adversity builds strength. The many Tigers who are going out to build careers today and those new Tiger alum who are graduating in June, are going to face a rough road. But they’ve earned those stripes and whatever they face in the future will be greeted with a roar.



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