Jan. 7, 2021: Letters to the editor

 Thanks for supporting Pau-Wa-Lu
I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to High Sierra Fellowship, our amazing community members and PWL Parents, Pau-Wa-Lu staff, and Guild Mortgage Co., for coming together and providing incredible presents and delicious holiday meals to our students and families. The holiday season can be a rough time, especially this past year, so adding the need of holiday presents and food can really become overwhelming. So, I wanted to share a heartfelt thank you to the dozens and dozens of families, community members, PWL Staff members, Guild Mortgage Co., and High Sierra Fellowship for allowing our students to experience true joy and wonder at Christmastime. The Christmas Spirit is sure alive and well in the Carson Valley.
With holiday love and gratitude,
Katie Emm
Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School
Glad to see 2020 gone
I am sure most of us are glad to have 2020 behind us. The Douglas County employees had been fantastic through those trying times, it is time that they be recognized for their hard work.
Let us hope 2021 starts off better than last year. It is time we put our acrimonious activities and comments behind us. At the very last Douglas County Commission meeting, a caller to the meeting was very demeaning and malicious to the two retiring commissioners. Apparently, they did not dance to the piper’s tune, according to him.
Hopefully, soon we will be able to return to “normal” meetings, that everyone can make comments in person, perhaps one would not be so nasty.
Danna Meyer
Not eating out with mask
I am no longer accepting invitations to dine out since Sisolak has enforced another California rule on Nevada. When you go out to eat in a restaurant lately, you must leave a mask on between sips of any kind of beverage that can only be removed while you have food in front of you. Not an enjoyable way to spend time with friends. You can hardly understand what each other is saying.
At this time, I will no longer be dining out. I wear masks out of respect for businesses and other people. Still, I choose not to be put in a situation where the decision is made for me on how I can drink a beverage or eat my food and enjoy my friends. Why does being separated by tables of four people make it safe while tables of eight or more spreads COVID? I am tired of following the rules, so Sisolak does not place a hefty fine or close a business down.
He has scared businesses, and no man or government is going to scare me. I, as an individual, choose to keep my freedom and make my own choices. I’m not positive that masks work, and California is a perfect example. Everyone is masked and locked down, and yet they are reporting more and more cases every day. Then you go to a state that is open and living life with masks, but you as a mature free person make the decision where to sit, how to eat, and where to stand. You are allowed to live freely with no threats of punishment for a business because a customer makes his or her own choice to be a free thinking human being.
So, it’s my choice right now, (just like each one of you have your choice to choose). I choose another day to see everyone when we can laugh freely without choking on cotton masks.
Beverly Collins
Jacks Valley
How many more deaths?
In a recent TV appearance, Gov. Sisolak said; “At the University of Washington, they estimated that as of Nov. 30, 74 percent of Nevadans always wear a mask when leaving their home. More importantly, the report noted that if we got that number to 95 percent compliance, we could potentially save 1,000 lives by April 1.”
If wearing face masks could save the lives of a thousand Nevadans, what is preventing the governor from making them mandatory? Of course the Trumpsters would scream that he’s trampling on their civil liberties but I’m sure they're already unhappy being required to have a driver’s license, forbidden to park in front of a fire hydrant or having to vaccinate their children before they are allowed to attend school.
The death toll from the pandemic is now over 300,000 nationwide; I wonder how many of these deaths could have been prevented if everyone had put the public welfare ahead of their personal comfort and vanity?
John O’Neill
How can we know?
So I was standing around a fire pit in Genoa having a beer with a few other people, some local, some not, and somehow the subject of absentee ballot versus mail in ballots came up.
One of the folks, a recent California transplant, stated, quite emphatically, that there was no difference at all between the two types of ballots. At this point I had to step in and disagree but he continued to insist that there was no difference. He also stated that there was no problem at all with signature matches on all the mail in ballots.
I thought to myself, how does he know this unless it is actually checked?
This is a clear illustration of what we are dealing with folks. These people actually vote and insist that there is no fraud at all. The ignorance is truly amazing.
David Adams


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