Carson Valley Shepherds place in 4H sheep competitions

The Carson Valley Shepherds Club with their flock.

The Carson Valley Shepherds Club with their flock.


The Carson Valley Shepherds announced the placements for the club at several fairs to have occurred over the past year.

“The Carson Valley Shepherds would like to thank Battle Born Jackpot, Smith Valley FFA Jackpot, High Rollers Desert Grange Jackpot, Silver & Sage Youth Show, Nevada Junior Livestock Show, Bishop Tri County fair, and the Silver State Livestock Show for all the time and effort you put into the shows.”

The Carson Valley Shepherds’ Club Placements this year:

Battle Born Jackpot

Sarah: Market 8th; Showmanship 2nd

Courtney: Market 2nd; Showmanship 1st

Dane: Market 6th; Showmanship 3rd

Emery: Market 7th; Showmanship 15th

Evan: Market 3rd; Showmanship 8th

Smith Valley Jackpot

Sarah: Showmanship 1st

Courtney: Market 6th; Showmanship 1st

Evan: Market 4th; Showmanship 4th

High Rollers Jackpot

Sarah: Market 7th; Showmanship 1st

Courtney: Market 5th; Showmanship 7th

Evan: Market 4th; Showmanship 3rd

Dane: Market 10th; Showmanship 17th

Whitney: Market 7th; Showmanship 8th

Nevada Junior Livestock Show

Sarah: Market 4th; Showmanship 2nd

Courtney: Market 2nd; Showmanship 12th

Evan: Market 4th

Dane: Market 5th; Showmanship 8th

Emery: Market 2nd

Shaylynn: Market 6th

Whitney: Market 4th

Loralei: Market 3rd

Claire: Market 8th

Silver and Sage

Sarah: Breeders 1st; Showmanship 1st; Round Robin 3rd

Tri County Fair

Sarah: Market 3rd

Courtney: Market 1st; Grand Drive 2nd; Showmanship 2nd

Loralei: Market 5th; Showmanship 4th

Clara: Market 6th

Whitney: Market 1st; Showmanship 3rd

Silver State Livestock Show

Sarah: Market 6th; Showmanship 1st

Cortney: Market 1st; Showmanship 4th

Loralei: Market 7th

Clara: Market 6th

Evan: Market 3rd; Showmanship 2nd


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