County won’t call you to renew building permit

Workers build a house near Jacks Valley Road on Tuesday afternoon.

Workers build a house near Jacks Valley Road on Tuesday afternoon.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Someone building a house has enough worries without getting a phone call telling them they need to pay a fee to renew their building permit.

But the caller in this case is working a phone scam, hoping people building a home are unaware that the actual county doesn’t call people when their permits are about to expire.

“The county does not call individuals to renew their permits,” officials said. “Once a permit is expired, it is up to the individual to call the county. Please do not give payment over the phone.”

That’s good advice for whenever someone calls looking for payment, whether the caller claims to be from the sheriff’s office, the NHP or the IRS.

More information regarding the building department can be found here:

Anyone with questions may call 775-782-5126 for more information.

With spring, home improvement scams are starting to bloom, according to the Better Business Bureau.

They suggest homeowners research a contractor’s references and verify the contractor is licensed and insured.

Red flags include not putting things into writing, demanding payment upfront, unexpected price changes, high pressure sales tactics, unsolicited free inspections (that usually reveal the need for an urgent repair), and cash-only deals.

“One of the things people are encountering is not being able to get bids because reputable businesses are busy,” said Jane Rupp, President and CEO of BBB Serving Northern Nevada and Utah. “In this market, it’s not uncommon to have a call back take a while, or to schedule jobs weeks out. Delays due to COVID-19 or market demand are understandable, and even to be expected. But scammers and bad businesses will use those delays to string you along, or tempt you to choose them because they offer such seemingly quick turnaround times.”

The Nevada Contractors Board web site lists licensed contractors at, as well as disciplinary actions.


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