Letters to the Editor for September 30, 2020

Vote for Maurice White
I would like to recommend all of my fellow Carson City residents vote for Maurice “Mo” White to become the next supervisor for Ward 2.
Mo is a tireless champion of fiscal responsibility in government. As we look forward to next year’s session of the Legislature and how that body responds to the looming fiscal abyss which the state’s ham-fisted leadership over the past two years has engendered, it will become absolutely incumbent on local government to be lean and agile.
Expenditures will need to be watched closely and means-tested for effectiveness against the taxpayer dollars appropriated to those expenditures. Tax increases alone cannot solve the coming crisis and would serve to further damage the already shaky state and local economies.
Mo is the candidate who can give a powerful, and reasonable, voice to those needs and be counted on to make the bureaucracy prove the worth of every project, rather than simply rubber-stamping them because city staff thinks them a good idea.
Whatever method you choose to cast your ballot in this election, I urge every registered voter to be sure to exercise their right to vote. There is no greater responsibility we have as citizens than to direct our government. With all politics being local, as the old saying goes, that responsibility looms ever larger this year, and I recommend you to vote Maurice White for Ward 2 supervisor.
Frank Groth
Carson City

Remember Mayor Crowell
Bob, Bob Crowell
You should know more
Born November 28, 1945
In Tonopah.
It was Nevada
That he called his home
But then he went to Stanford
And started to roam.
The youngest of 2 brothers
What would he do?
There were lawyers in the family.
Bob would become one too
He went off to Vietnam.
Where he served.
Came out of the Navy
As a captain, in the reserves.
Bob met his wife, Susan
On a blind date.
Over a Chinese dinner in San Francisco
It was 1968.
Together they had 4 children
Three boys and a girl,
And two grand daughters
Ashley and Lindsey
To share in their world.
He was into home improvement
When he had the time.
He really liked to ski
When the powder was oh, so fine.
Bob, he had a good spirit.
As our mayor
He was true blue.
And if you had a chance to meet him
You would have liked him too.
God Bless you Bob
Jenny Schnabel
Carson City

Reader reminisces on fine dining in Carson City
It is 50 years since I came to the beautiful little town of Carson City and Sunday afternoons we relax in one of our fine restaurants after church.
We started remembering the fine times we enjoyed eating at places like The Guitar, Dougs West Indies, La Fontana, Stanley’s and Maroni’s. Valentino’s and B’Sghetties, Adeles and Teddy Chu’s Golden Dragon, The Sizzler and Thurmans Ranch House, The Tokiona, Enrico’s and more recently IHOP, Carl’s Junior and Long John Silver. The list goes on and I’m sure you could think of others but my hat goes off to all those fine people who gave their all to feed our town through these many years.
Dave Ramer
Carson City

Unauthorized militias need to be stopped
Sanford Deyo and Mike Rodgick squeal about leftwing political violence. But it is the Republican president who has been goading his supporters to commit violence by “liberating” cities from democratically elected officials. It is he who directed the US Military to forcefully remove peaceful DC protestors from the square for a photo op. Even the top military brass denounced his misuse of those who have sworn to protect the Constitution.
This is the obvious threat to anyone outside the bubble of a feckless leader who is terrified of losing his position of power, disabling his endless grifting of emoluments.
What people like them gloss over is the real threat of political violence coming from the self-appointed, illegal militias of the far right. Dozens of grown men dressed up in paramilitary gear and brandished semi-automatic guns to confront a minuscule group of peaceful #BLM supporters in Minden last month. This toxic stew is bubbling over the top everywhere after decades of simmering unattended.
Sure, they have a right as individuals (but not as an unauthorized militia) to strut their weapons in Nevada, although only for personal protection. But the rest of us have the right to peacefully demand justice for equal treatment under the law. The right to protest is not an obscure liberal principle; it is a First Amendment right.
All law-abiding Americans should denounce, and law enforcement should restrain, those who threaten to take the law into their own hands. Enforce the law against unauthorized militias!
Laura Hale
Carson City


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