Eluders do jail time as part of probation

A former Olympic skier was ordered to spend 30 days in jail on Monday as a condition of probation.

Errol Manley Kerr, 34, received a suspended 1-3-year prison sentence after he admitted to attempting to elude police officers in an April 2 pursuit up Kingsbury Grade.

A charge of driving under the influence will be dismissed after testing revealed that Kerr didn’t have alcohol or drugs in his system when the incident occurred.

Attorney Kris Brown said that Kerr suffered from bi-polar disorder. His wife wrote a letter questioning whether Kerr was competent to admit to the charge. Brown said she had no reason to question Kerr’s competency to aid in his defense.

District Judge Tom Gregory said that Kerr’s behavior was extremely dangerous, but that his mental health issues and lack of criminal history prompted his decision to order probation.

A Fort Bragg, Calif., man, who was under the influence when he tried to elude deputies, will also spend 30 days in jail as a condition of probation.

Jason John Mills, 48, received a suspended 1-3-year prison sentence in connection with the June 4 incident.

Prosecutor Chad Pace said Mills was northbound in the southbound lanes of Highway 88 heading straight for a deputy and flashing his lights.

Attorney Kris Brown said Mills missed court appearances and his interview with Parole and Probation because he was in the hospital.

She said Mills was diagnosed as bi-polar and is on complete disability.

As anticipated, a California man who was arrested after leading deputies on a May 1 high-speed chase withdrew from a guilty plea agreement on Tuesday.

Fabian Eloy Campos, 39, was facing up to 11 years in prison on charges of attempting to elude and vehicle theft.

On Tuesday prosecutor Patrick Ferguson confirmed he would file new charges in the case and Campos is scheduled to be arraigned next week. Those could include the original assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Campos is being represented by attorney Brian Filter.


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