Letters to the Editor for May 9, 2020

Trump should give commencement speech

Susanne Morrow thinks “Trump selfish to have cadets return” and that his speech would be “all about himself.” I am inclined to negative information about Trump since I have vowed not to vote for him again, but I have a stronger inclination to the truth.

How many cadets have you asked whether they want a graduation? I see in the Appeal and my family that grads want to have ceremonies. How many academy speeches by President Trump have you listened to? I thought so. I heard one that reviewed 250 years of American military history (learned in military academy?) and was very interesting and informative. There was no mention of himself or family.

Regarding the attack that Trump is “morbidly obese” he is at the most moderately obese and most likely overweight. At 6'4" morbid obesity would require a weight of 328. I seem to recall his doctor saying he weighed 100 pounds less than that. Search "difference-between-obesity-morbid-obesity" and you will get a pretty chart that will answer all your questions.

Finally, my family military history is as irrelevant as Susanne's family military history, except for my older brother who had no military history. He received a coveted appointment to the Air Force Academy from 5th District (Ohio) Congressman Del Latta. When he took his physical he was disqualified for flat feet, notwithstanding high school track and cross country, and 5-mile hikes several days a week at age 69.

You clearly aren't receiving enough submissions.

Jeanette C. Seeman

Carson City

Farmers Insurance helps FISH

Farmers Insurance Northern Nevada's District office in Carson City nominated and secured a $1,500 grant for Friends In Service Helping (FISH), to give additional support during the COVID-19 crisis. Farmers corporate, as well as local agents, are committed to giving back to our communities. “As a Farmers district manager, it’s a privilege to continue supporting the communities in which we live, work and play,” said Brian Andrews. FISH has had an increase in the number of people needing food, as well as additional resources. The money will be used to fund this increase.

Sheryl Tingle

Carson City

Thank you to Dr. Hardman

A shout out to Paul Hardman DMD RC here in Carson City. I went to see him for a simple relining – which turned into an extremely completed, time-consuming and very expensive visit.

I could not believe it when he so generously gave me a big discount and took care of me right there – not asking me to make another appointment.

I want to thank him and remind all of us- this is why we live here – blessed to have such caring neighbors, friends and our amazing small business men and women ...

Thank you and God bless you !

Rosie Laird

Carson City

Trump is not a ‘draft dodger’

In a recent Letter to the Editor the author called President Trump a "Draft Dodger.” Sorry but that is completely untrue and a consistent fable concocted by the Democrat Party as a way to besmirch the president. Unfortunately the actual facts do not bear out the lie. Selective Service records obtained from the National Archives by The Smoking Gun in 2011 reveal the following history of his draft eligibility: July 1964 he received a 2-S (College) deferment; in December 1965 a deferment of 2-S; on 22 November 1966 he was classified 1-A (eligible for the draft); His 2-S deferment was renewed on 13 December 1966; There is no records for 1967 but Trump received his fourth and final college deferment on 16 January 1968. After graduating from Wharton College, he was reclassified 1-A on 9 July 1968. Trump underwent an Armed Forces physical examination (with a result listed only as “DISQ”) on 19 September 1968 and was reclassified 1-Y (qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency) on 15 October 1968. Vietnam was declared a Conflict, not a War.

David Knighton

Carson City


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