Past Pages for May 2 - 5, 2020


150 years ago

The Rear Walls of the Capitol Building have made their appearance above ground. Mr. Cavanaugh is pushing things ahead with great energy. No fears need be entertained of any failure on his part to have the work finished in the time specified.

140 years ago

The Drop. (Continued). When this was finished the black cap was drawn over his face, and an instant later the trap was sprung at the minutes past 2 o’clock. His last words were, ““Oh, God!” My Friends, good bye.” After the body was cut down it was placed in a handsome coffin and taken charge of by the father and sister of the deceased, who were with him up to the last moment of leaving the cell.

130 years ago

T. Zachariah says he will cut hair to suit the most fastidious for the sum of 25 cents. Shampooing for 25 cents and shaving 25 cents, just to suit the times, at the old stand opposite the Capitol. Come one, come all, your hair shall fall.

120 years ago

With the weather permitting there will be a baseball game today between the Gardnerville and Carson nines. Admission is 10 cents. This small fee keeps the grounds in repair.

100 years ago

A plant of the pea family, known to botanists as the astragalus tetrapturus, growing in the foothills of Southern Utah and Western Nevada, has been found to be poisonous to cattle and sheep.


150 Years Ago

Fat men’s Ball, contemplated jollification: This office has received a complimentary ticket of admission to “A Fat Men’s Ball” to be held at the Athletic Hall in Virginia City on May 5. The following are regulations for those who intend helping themselves to “a fat take”: “You will be required to dress in such a manner as to personate a fat man, and give your weight at any figure from 250 pounds to 480 pounds — to be recorded at the door as you enter the Hall; the record of which will be sent to the New York papers, unless you wish your name withheld. This invitation is issued by a Committee appointed by the Fat Men of this city. Fatty, Chairman of said Committee.”

140 Years Ago

A May party: On the first of May about 150 school children walked to Thorne’s ranch about two miles from the city and had an old fashioned May pole party. They forgot their May pole, but, the absence of a pole didn’t interfere with the fun. Each child brought a lunch and ate on the grass. Two boys came with a demijohn of sweet cider and the other with a gallon of white wine and found themselves the center of attraction and the heroes of the hour. The crowd returned at sundown with torn pants, soiled dresses and a thoroughly dissipated air. The affair passed off without any serious disturbance.

120 Years Ago

Change at the Prison: Charles Cobb was appointed guard at the Prison in place of J. D. Roberts who resigned. Mr. Roberts has been connected with the Prison service on and off for 20 years. During the last seven years he has been constantly on duty and he feels that at his age he is glad for a rest. (J. D. Roberts of the Foreman/Roberts House)

110 Years Ago

Park Theater: Four reels of new and interesting pictures to be shown: “Call of the Heart,” “Our Country in Arms,” “Justified,” “Sleepy Jim,” and “Her Terrible Ordeal” (Biograph). Carson’s popular singer Joe Patton will sing. Adults 10 cents, children 5 cents.

100 Years Ago

Ghost of Slumber Mountain: This is a one-reel super feature. Never in the history of the motion pictures has there been seen its equal for originality and novelty of animal life as it existed in prehistoric times. The noted archaeologist of America vouch for the truthfulness of the genius Herbert Dawley. In addition there will be Charles Chaplin in “The Fireman.”


150 Years Ago

Take Warning! The Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company are anxious to take due precaution against accidents and loss of life resulting from the running of their trains…too common practice of children playing about their cars and locomotives…the Company find(s) it impossible to persuade boys, who frequent the terminal and stopping places of the road from climbing upon the cars and engines… more decided measures will be taken if these annoyances are continued… H. M. Yerington, Superintendent.

140 Years Ago

Mint reopened: It was a pleasant sight to see the Mint again in full blast. Everything had a bustling, cheery appearance, and the place resounded with the whirl and whirring of machinery. Fifty men were at work, and they labored as if the task was some of a recreation.

130 Years Ago

Shipping Chinese bones: Ah Fong Wong, a Chinese undertaker shipped a long, coffin-shaped box to Hong Wong & Co., San Francisco. The cargo was billed as “merchandise” and insured to be shipped to San Francisco for $10. The box contained the bones of ten Chinaman and were to be shipped to the Flowery Kingdom where all Chinamen expect to have their bones planted and laid to rest in the land of their nativity, no matter the expense.

120 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Emporium Grocery—The cheapest and best place to buy your groceries. Compare our goods and prices with what you pay elsewhere. Here are some cash bargains: 40 bars Rex soap $1.00; 33 bars Cudahy soap $1.00; 20 lbs. rice $1.00, 17 lbs. gran. sugar $1.00; 30 lbs. rolled oats $1.00; 12 pkgs. flaked wheat $1.00; 1 gal. Claret 45 cent; 3 pkgs. vegetable seeds 10 cents… C. E. Wylie, Proprietor.”

110 Years Ago

Sam Davis injured: Sam P. Davis, Publicity Commissioner of the state, was severely injured by a fall at his home and will be confined there for some time. He was fixing some machinery on his windmill when the boards he was standing on gave way, and he fell to the floor which also gave way, sending him into the water.

100 Years Ago

Kings Canyon Road to Tahoe to open: The work on the Kings Canyon grade will have the road open to Glenbrook. The 1,000 foot stretch of snow, in places eight feet deep will have been plowed through and the summit five miles from Glenbrook reached.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan.


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