Letters to the Editor for March 25, 2020

Can I use your bathroom?

Hold it, don’t throw out that catalog. I’m going to need it, thanks to the selfish inconsiderate individuals out there who line up at Costco at 6 a.m. and rush the doors when the store opens to load up their carts with toilet paper and tissues; wiping out the supplies that are needed by all Americans.

I searched high and low this weekend for toilet paper/tissues to replenish what will be going down the drain, due to a scheduled colonoscopy.

So, what do you think, can I come over to your house and do my business since you have an overabundance of toilet paper?

Come on, people. This pandemic is not “all about you and your needs (wants).”

Guess I’ll go out and harvest some sagebrush. I’m going to need it, in case I am unable to find toilet paper and I run out of catalogs.

Judy Huck-Adams


Farmer still seeks to exploit national emergency for political gain

Columnist Guy Farmer succumbed to full-tilt Trump Derangement Syndrome in a rant critical of the administration’s handling of America’s coronavirus epidemic [Appeal, March 21]. Farmer claims that “… Trump was out front in the wave of fake news …” having “…delivered an error-filled Oval Office address to the nation that fell as flat as the voice he delivered it in while reading someone else’s words.”

So what, exactly, did President Trump get wrong? Mr. Farmer doesn’t specify. Those “someone else’s words” were composed with input from Trump’s medical advisers. Unlike, say, President Bernie, Trump is doing all the right things, including fully enlisting the private sector and closing the borders.

Farmer claims “…things are chaotic inside the Trump White House” with family and advisors “jockeying for position,” another evidence-free allegation. Farmer advises we listen to well-informed doctors like Anthony Fauci. Great idea; Trump and Dr. Fauci have been in total alignment in their pandemic messaging.

Absent any facts, Mr. Farmer’s column is just another irresponsible attempt from the political left to exploit a national emergency for political gain.

Lynn Muzzy



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