Letters to the editor for March 11, 2020

Taxpayers still paying for last major water, sewer rate increases

I just read in Saturday’s newspaper that the Carson City supervisors approved a water and sewer rate increase of 3 percent and 3.5 percent.

I would like to remind all the cities’ citizens of 1998 when a proposal was passed which imposed a 5 cents gasoline tax for the building of our new bypass I-580 freeway. This gasoline tax was to end in 20 years and they promised and assured that. Well, how well did that work out? Did it go away?

No, the citizens were out voted on this 20-year deadline and we are still paying for it in 2020. Now, I ask how many of you actually believe this 6.5 percent total increase will go away in five years? If you do believe this, then you probably also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City

Trump immune to problems coronavirus has presented

President Trump seems to be having trouble dealing with the coronavirus. His usual tactics aren’t working.

His first response, as usual, was to lie about it. That doesn’t have much affect on a virus. He has blamed Obama and the media to no avail. He can’t sue it, he can’t fire it, he can’t claim executive privilege or total and complete immunity (no pun).

Neither Russia nor Barr can help him. He put Pence in charge, probably as a fall guy. Why else, considering Pence’s track record with viruses and science? Maybe he should have assigned the task to his son-in-law. After all, he did a fine job of solving the peace problem in the Middle East.

Vincent Barnes

Carson City

Developments, streets not representing community’s best interests

I have lived in Carson City for 37 years. I have seen so many transformations take place here. We have lost so many businesses: the Silver City Mall, the Ormsby House, Kmart, Supply One, IHOP, Penguin Burger and a partial strip mall on U.S. 50. Then, in 2016, we had downtown Carson City change from four lanes to only two. Now, to make matters worse, we are about to gain a very bad eyesore on the intersection of Carson Street and Stewart Street in the form of a roundabout.

Whose grand idea was this anyway? Sometimes I wonder if our Carson City leaders even know what they are doing. In other words, do they truly care about their constituents? Or are they more interested in lining up their own pockets by profiteering off of the hardworking taxpayers?

Joshua Dealy

Carson City


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