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150 Years Ago

Site for Orphan’s Home: The Board of Directors of the Nevada Orphans’ Home accepted the lot of land offered by the citizens of Carson known as the Perley and Lauder lot. It has 910 feet frontage on Fifth street and 750 on Stewart street, about seventeen acres — the very best for irrigation. Twelve of the fifteen thousand dollars appropriated are to be used in the erection of the building. The law specifically requires that the Superintendent and Matron shall be man and wife, and that their salary (conjointly, we suppose) is not to exceed two thousand dollars, per year. The building will be ready on or before the 18th of October.

140 Years Ago

Pant, his travels: Benton is a pleasantly situated in mining town. There is a saloon to every ten of its inhabitants and a stream of hot soda water running down each side of the street. Mr. Dan Jones, a citizen of Benton said that Noah’s ark was anchored there and marked the place where the dove first landed on dry land.

Big Pine: We rapped on the door of a modest tavern and woke up the whole household, including the dogs. The wife appeared with the traditional broom and less clothing on than Powers’ “Greek Slave.” Pant remained there a few days, lived on hog and hominy and watched the natives play bean poker the livelong day.

Alarm clock: The stage left at 2:00 o’clock in the morning and so the tavern keeper gave him an alarm clock that his wife had set. Pant retired to dream of hog, hominy and Polly, and just as his slumbering fantasies became real, there was a slap-bang-fizz-whoop from the alarm clock. Pant got dressed, putting on his overalls and gloves. And then, he looked at the clock again, and it was just 10 o’clock, not 2:00 a.m. He eventually got on the stage.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: The ice on the Truckee river is from 4 to 10 inches thick.

George Meyers has just opened some fine cream cheese. Try it.

W. E. J. Townsend says the mountains are so steep near Lundy that the sunshine slides off and lays in rolls at the bottom.

110 Years Ago

Lovelock fuel famine: Unless the S.P. Company hurries some coal or wood into town, the fuel famine will become very serious. Most people have been using block wood and only a little. Weather continues extremely cold and the ground is covered with snow. Unless steps are taken to relieve the situation, there may be much suffering.

Born: A son was born to the wife of August Kaiser on January 23, 1910. Mother and child are doing nicely.

50 Years Ago

Caboose: President of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce, William Dolan, denied the rumor that the Chamber Caboose, now located on the post office lawn, “is being moved south” or anywhere else. The old rail car is being used as headquarters for the Carson Chamber and has been used as such for a number of years.

20 Years Ago

Photo caption: Happy Birthday! Baby Angel, the newest addition to John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks, celebrity pachyderm Bertha, celebrate Angel’s 1-year birthday in front of a packed crowd. Trainer Don Bloomer, shown with elephants, says Angel weighs in at 800 pounds but is still on formula. Fortunately 39-year-old Bertha seems to enjoy playing mom.


150 Years Ago

President Lincoln: There is a proposition before Congress to give Mrs. Lincoln a pension of $2,000 per annum dating from the date of President Lincoln’s death.

140 Years Ago

Leap year party: There are rumors of a Leap Year party to come off on Friday at the Opera House the like of which was never seen in this section of the hemisphere.

130 Years Ago

The Beautiful Snow (in part):

The Snow, the snow, the beautiful snow,

Up to your knees wherever you may go,

Will it never quit? Will it never thaw,

The snow, the snow, the beautiful snow,

It falls on houses and lays them low,

It stops the rain, delays the mails,

And takes the wind out of the reporters’ sails.

110 Years Ago

Louis Paulhan, the French aviator, made an eight-mile flight in a stiff breeze at Tanforan. He made two short flights across the field and then rising to an altitude of about 400 feet, his Farman biplane circled over the hills and returned in front of the grand stand.

50 Years Ago

Advertisement, “Carson Theater — ‘Alaskan Safari,’ High adventure in the far north country.

See hunting and fishing amidst the most magnificent scenery ever filmed, see fishing you dream about…and high adventure never before photographed.”

20 Years Ago

Advertisement: “The Movies 4 — ‘Tango & Cash,’ ‘Internal Affairs,’ ‘The War of Roses,’ and ‘Steel Magnolias.”


150 Years Ago

All sorts: The Sutro Tunnel is reported in 630 feet. It advanced 83 feet last week.

A sensation of an earthquake was experienced in Carson — very slight.

Spring-like weather. The buds on the bushes seem about ready to burst.

The Chinese New Year commences and will last for ten days. Feasting and destroying firecrackers will be on the program for that day and night.

140 Years Ago

Two sick engines: The engines broken up on the V. & T. R. R. are in the shops in a sort of hospital in which sick or disabled engines can be treated. A locomotive is nothing more than a mechanical man…. The two disabled locomotives now at the shops had a general collision in Gold Hill some weeks ago, and they came out of the fight badly disabled, with broken ribs and shattered faces.

130 Years Ago

Indians: The storm will make it hard for the Indians this summer. Quail, rabbits, grouse and small game are entirely unavailable. Robes worn by the Indians in Winter are made from the pelts of the rabbits trimmed with feathers. The scarcity will rob them of many conveniences.

110 Years Ago

Born: In Carson City, Nevada, January 23, 1910, to the wife of August Kaiser, a son. Mother and child are doing nicely.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: A Rainbow Project—Carson City Assembly No. 7, International Order of Rainbow for Girls has donated a painting purchased from Thelma Calhoun to the Carson Tahoe Hospital. The painting will be hung in a patient’s room. Pictured are Jean Bawden, director of volunteers for the hospital and Aleta Woodgate, Worthy Advisor for the Rainbow Assembly.

20 Years Ago

Oops, bombs away: An inert bomb was dropped by a Fallon Naval Air Station pilot outside the boundary of a range, just east of the Bravo-17 range where thousands of live bombs were found on public lands.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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