Letters to the Editor for February 1, 2020

Court’s action on Planned Parenthood exposure requires recall

Regarding the California court in San Francisco, which is forcing David Daleiden to pay Planned Parenthood $870,000 for his exposure of their crimes, including with cameras, that makes as much sense as allowing a killer who has been caught on camera in the act of murdering someone to sue whoever took the pictures and turned them over to law enforcement because he did not ask permission to view and photograph the killing.

I was under the impression that judges were supposed to prove their ability to make reasonable decisions relative to crimes, among other challenges, before being planted in our courts?

That verifies my conclusion that we need to clean out the judicial branch and the entire Congress if we want America to be safe from the inside in addition to those outside who are trying to destroy our great country.

America, for God’s sake and all of ours, wake up.

Mary Santomauro


Recent guest columns are education from political clown college

The woke left’s ideological enforcers wasted no time calling out Guy Farmer for his prior week’s Appeal column describing the disarray among the Democrat presidential candidates. Farmer, a Democrat, asked, “Is this the best we can do?” He also cautions that President Trump’s re-election chances are bolstered by a booming economy, record unemployment and a muscular foreign policy.

Responding to Farmer’s piece were two full-length columns from self-appointed enforcers to answer this threat to left-wing orthodoxy from one of their own. But their unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo, piled however high, don’t counter Farmer’s facts and thoughtful analysis. If it were anyone other than Democrat candidates in this nomination slugfest, the nation’s left would be calling it what it is, a political clown college.

The crudeness of these guest columnists’ attacks is reminiscent of Eastern European secret police from the bad old days that kept the establishments’ servants in line. Any political faction that sees AOC and crazy Bernie as the country’s saviors can’t stand up to even the most logical enquiry.

Lynn Muzzy


Buttigieg’s investment in small business is route to improving country

As a local business mentor in Carson City, I’ve seen firsthand how our local businesses struggle to overcome barriers to their success. I’ve heard national politicians of both parties declare “small business is the backbone of the economy” and then do nothing for us.

It’s time for a change: We need to elect a president who has a bold economic vision for all Americans, not just those in big cities. To me, there’s one Democratic presidential candidate with that vision: Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. Pete’s record in South Bend demonstrates that he understands the unique issues of small cities like ours.

In rural America, Pete’s administration will invest $80 billion on an Internet for All initiative. He’ll also provide $500 million in federal funds to develop a national network of 1,000 regional Innovation Clusters, which will support the growth of rural businesses and launch a new generation of opportunity for rural entrepreneurs. Pete wants to invest in small business rather than hand out tax breaks to Corporate America.

Carson City was named the least affordable city in the United States last year — a dubious honor that’s the result of our low median income relative to high housing costs. Pete will also raise the federal minimum wage indexed to $15 to make sure that workers share in our economy’s growth.

We can’t rely on “Tesla” style economic development — we need to invest in opportunities for local entrepreneurs, small businesses who have difficulty accessing growth capital. Small business owners don’t have lobbyists in Washington working for us, so we desperately need a president who “sees” us and the value that we bring to this country. Pete will be that president.

Learn more about how Pete Buttigieg will improve economic opportunities in small-town America at his website, https://peteforamerica.com/policies/unleash-rural-opportunity.

Then, join me in caucusing for Pete on Feb. 22 so we can finally elect a president who takes action to help our local communities.

P.W. Borgman



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