Dec. 17, 2020, Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the lights


I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to those volunteers who took the time to drive through the Dresslerville community on Sunday evening.

The cars were all lit up with Christmas lights and horns honking and Christmas music playing.

My grandsons were very excited when we heard them coming down the road. We stood on the porch, waved and hollered “Merry Christmas” and they yelled the same to us.

During these times of quarantine and with all holiday events being canceled, it was nice to see a group of people coming together and spreading cheer to our little community.

Millie Kizer


No laws or policies violated


On Dec. 8, the library board live streamed its meeting in which a lawyer from Reno presented findings from “unprecedented public material… and facts,” that proved the library director did not violate any laws, or public policies in posting a possible mission statement for the library supporting the Black Lives Matter social movement.

The lawyer stated Director Dodson reached out to Sheriff Coverley to have a conversation about his aggressive comment posted to the library’s public format. Coverley would not respond to the director. The lawyer stated Douglas County’s public information officer had to get involved for the sheriff to eventually respond to the library director’s request for a conversation. Yes, both the director and sheriff were also asked to discontinue contact with the media. However, both the sheriff and the director continued to do so.

I am writing this letter asking that the library board and Douglas County residents appreciate Dodson for being the better person in this whole situation. She reached out to the individual who made matters even worse with an “event” that ripped up our community on Aug. 8. An event, which makes many people here still feel ashamed and unsafe. She reached out to our sheriff, who I believe, created a hostile and unsafe atmosphere when he suggested in July the library not bother calling his office for help if they support the Black Lives Matter social movement.

Thank you Director Dodson for the courage to go public, exposing an individual who wields great power in our county. A person who has not been investigated or reprimanded, as far as I know, for his aggressive public comment that brought, anger, discord and hostile activities to our community. Thank you, Director Dodson for your actions. I am very disappointed in our sheriff’s unprofessionalism regarding this matter.

Now, who is paying for this report? Can it come from the sheriff’s budget? We all need good books, and a more professional sheriff.

Marie Johnson


Report reads like a defense brief


I read, with great interest, the library investigation report, as provided by the ever vigilant Record-Courier (thank you for keeping us informed).

Unfortunately, in my non-juris prudence opinion, it reads, as I would expect, as a defense brief, rather than an investigation. All the supporting evidence was garnered from sources supporting an “innocent” finding. Employing the Hatch Act as the only measure is actually laughable. For our government to not classify a politically active, politically influential, politically motivated, politically operated organization, like Black Lives Matter, is equally laughable.

What we did not learn is what Amy Dodson’s motives might have been. One can only deduce that they were politically motivated, since it was admittedly her attempt to make sure the (her?) library was politically correct. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... you know the rest.

As a citizen/resident of Douglas County, I, like so many others, escaped from politically correct Caliunicornia, to avoid such nonsensical machinations. In my case it was 26 years ago. We have all heard that California escapees are welcome, as long as they leave their politics behind. Making sure our library is politically correct is just the kind of stuff we don’t want or need here. Has anyone complained about the lack of diversity? Has anyone of color been attacked, harassed or maligned? I sure haven’t heard any complaints.

If Dodson believes that support of a self-described Marxist, radical, disruptive organization, that espouses “disrupt the nuclear family” as a goal and encourages unrest deserves the support of our community, I, for one, portend she is sadly mistaken. I strongly suggest she leave the library’s “politics” to the board.

Rick Campbell


People need more time


I want to know why the Buckeye Farms Agrihood specific plan has not been examined as part of the newly adopted master plan (Dec. 9). I am sure I know the answer but I would like to hear it from the county. The public needs more than five calendar days to examine this and have community input. The county is not giving us anytime what so ever.

Normally an item like this would be heard on the first Thursday of the month but since you have Zoom to blame for this I am sure that is your reason.

The community opposition to this plan was massive and ongoing.

Who is going to be responsible for maintaining the agricultural and open space portions of this project?

B. Anderson


The virus is real


I see where County Commissioner Larry Walsh wants to remind everyone that people are not “dying all over the place” from COVID even though Renown has had to put beds in their parking garage to handle the surge.

And that reminded me that I had been too generous referring to the city manager and commissioners as having a “cavalier” attitude toward the virus. I should have come right out and said that their defiance of the governor’s orders on large groups (political rallies) reminded me of a bad western where the town’s “big bosses” make all the decisions and no sheriff or governor dares stand up to them.

Barbara Flanagan


Still a free country


On Dec. 3, someone ripped down our Trump "thank you" sign and took it with them. It was on our entrance gate on U.S. 395 which is private property.

At first we were angry but now we're very sad that someone felt the need to take the sign. Everyone spouts about the violence of Trump supporters but we think this is just one example of the opposite.

The last time we looked we still lived in a free country where we were allowed to show our political views without retribution and at least here in Carson Valley we thought that people were more respectful. It has been a very trying and sad time for all of us this year and this just adds to the sadness.

Kathi & David Hussman



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