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150 years ago

Another Convict was received at the Penitentiary yesterday. Sheriff Bollen brought in Marion Pruett, from Douglas county, as sentenced yesterday by Judge Wright to five years for the crime of burglary. This is the man, well known about here as a mustang trainer and jumper, who, while continued in our county jail upon the charge of which he has been convicted, attempted to get away, as was caught, hanging half way out of the window, by Sheriff Swift.

140 years ago

One of the chain gang made his escape the day before yesterday while the man in charge was eying pretty girl crossing the street.

130 years ago

The Appeal is informed that the fashion in ladies night-gowns is changing. We haven’t noticed any for the last ten years. Anyone noticing any decided change will please report at once to this office.

120 years ago

Nick McCoy telegraphed this morning from Deeth to District Attorney Wison to come to Mardis with the Sheriff as a man named Anderson had killed J.N. Hicks. Sheriff Campbell was caught at Weiland’s this afternoon and informed of the killing by telephone. He replied that he would go across the country to Mardis and would reach there by Friday morning.— Independent

100 years ago

Encountering oil from seepage at a depth of forty-five feet in the well being bored on the lower McNett ranch, in Fishlake valley, by the California Excelsior Oil company has been the cause of little excitement and dozens have visited for the purpose of seeing for themselves the result.


150 Years Ago

Chang, the Great Chinese Giant: This tremendous exhibit is eight feet in height. Chang is a very large hearted and open handed man. His feet are models of size and strength—and he is a master of several languages besides that of the Flowery Kingdom.

140 Years Ago

New coin catcher: Sweeney & Allen have built a new device to gather in the ducat of the gamblesome [sic]. It consists of a wheel divided into spaces and marked Grant, Garfield, Arthur, Hancock, English and Hendricks. The player bets on his favorite candidate, and the wheel is started. When it stops spinning, those who have bet on the candidate whose name stops at a peg on the wheel, gets his money back and a good deal more.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: A good many stray horses and cows are roving the streets now that ought to be in the pound.

Mrs. Knowles has just imported the latest hats, “Native Daughters of the Golden West.” They resemble a beaver derby and are just the neatest looking hats in style.

120 Years Ago

Upstairs horse: A livery horse got loose in Reno, went upstairs into the living room over the stable and settled down in the parlor. It took several men three hours to get him out.

110 Years Ago

Nevada Gypsum Co.: The Company at Mound House continues to add improvements to the plant and surroundings. A number of neat cottages have been built at the plant for employees, modern in every way. The Company leases or rents the buildings at a very nominal fee. They all have water and electric lights.

100 Years Ago

Oil at Fishlake Valley: Oil seepage at a depth of forty-five feet in the well is being bored on the lower McNett Ranch by the California Excelsior Oil Company. Investors have been arriving from various outside points, principally California. (Tonopah Times)

Cornerstone: The American Legion will be laying the cornerstone of the Memorial building in ten days. Ceremonies are under their direction.


150 Years Ago

Building the State Capitol: Mr. Grant will send a force of quarrymen just over to Washoe County to Simon’s Ranch where there are some large boulders from which the Mint granite was quarried and will bring the required ashlers. The porches or porticoes fronting the doors are to be of woodwork. Mr. Thompson was engaged in getting out the materials for the cupola which is to surmount the structure.

140 Years Ago

The Boss Archer: Billy Lynch comes to the front with an archery score which makes the rest of the club take a back seat. George Thaxter thinks he has discovered the true secret of spotting bulls’ eyes and threatens to beat Lynch

130 Years Ago

Wood men: Spooner’s wood men are all down from the mountains. This year’s drive amounted to 10,000 cords and some 600 cut cords remain in the mountains to be flumed next year.

120 Years Ago

Death of a Carson Favorite: Miss Edith Jones, the only daughter of the late Governor Jones, has died. Miss Edith Jones was born in Eureka nineteen years ago and has resided in Carson for the past twelve years. She was one of the fairest daughters of Nevada and had endeared herself to everyone. It was only a few weeks ago that Miss Edith departed for Mills Seminary where she expected to finish her education. Her death is in measure due to over study.

110 Years Ago

Park Theater: Four reels of moving pictures will be shown. Among the pictures will be biography of “Electra” and the following moving pictures: “Two Portraits—Lillian and Annetta,” “Wings of Love,” Contest for a Handkerchief,” and “Love Token.”

100 Years Ago

Two kinds of visitors: A Pioche woman said there are two kinds of visitors—those who are welcome and those who bring a trunk. (Pioche Record)

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan.


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