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150 years ago

A county without a “Seat!”– – Back in from Washoe yesterday. He reports a queer state of affairs there. It seems that on Tuesday the “Kidnapper Case” came up in District Court, and that the defense raised a point that there could be no trial of it in Washoe county is so much as that place was no longer the county seat. Beck says that the judge took the matter under advisement and finally concluded that Washoe city was only a de facto County seat and that Reno was merely such de jure in that between the two des there was really no county seat at all! Under the state of affairs the court thought it advisable to postpone the case until the 15th of July; and the jurymen and witnesses were ordered to appear at Reno on that date.

140 years ago

Carson’s Drum Corps. — Carson now has a most excellent drum corps, and when it marches down the street at night one is reminded of Napoleon’s invasion of Italy. But it is not exactly what people like to hear marching past the theatre when the tenor is trying to render a solo.

130 years ago

Senator Jones has placed the Appeal under obligations for copies of his great silver speech. It makes a pamphlet of 112 pages.

120 years ago

A Thing of Beauty. The Capitol square of this city is at present a very beautiful spot. The grass is unusually green for the time of year and the foliage about the trees is extremely dense. The real thing of beauty is the Catalpa tree near the northwest gate.

100 years ago

The three-cornered controversy between Mineral county, Churchill county and Nye county for parentage of the Broken Hills mining cam-bids fair to end in a unique settlement. This baby leviathan among mining camps may now be divided into three parts and each county being given a third of the body of the strapping young child.


150 Years Ago

Brimstone corner: While on his way from Silver Peak, Joggles Wright stopped to camp and built a fire where deposits of Sulphur and Alum exist. He left the camp and his campfire spread to the surrounding Sulphur and has been burning ever since. Immense volumes of smoke are issuing from it, and the air is permeated with sulphurous fumes—making one think the infernal regions are not far off. (Reeve River Reveille)

140 Years Ago

Brief mention: It is estimated that at least 5000 bottles of soda water will be consumed at the school picnic. The Socials and Amities will combine at Treadway’s (Park) to play the ball pounders from Virginia City.

130 Years Ago

Advertisement: “How does this strike you? Cashmere pants $2.50; working shoes $2.00; fine table oil cloth per yard 40 cents; 2 pair cotton socks 12 ½ cents; Pioneer flour $1.50. Chas. H. Kelly’s, Carson’s leading merchant.”

120 Years Ago

All sorts: James Nulty, the V & T yardmaster, is confined to his home with an attack of inflammatory rheumatism and is unable to move hand or foot. (Enterprise)

110 Years Ago

Caught pet fish: Fred Kitzmeyer, Will Muller, Chas. Kitzmeyer, Henry Burlington and Arthur Maish went on a fishing excursion. All were successful in catching fish, except Henry Burlington. He sneaked to the back of the hatchery and espied a pond with three trout. He captured the speckled beauties with his hands. Later it was learned that the fish taken by Burlington were pets of Fish Culturist Oldenburg who had raised them from infancy.

100 Years Ago

Foreman/Roberts House: Mrs. McGrath (formerly Mary Roberts) arrived on the train, being called here by the illness of her mother, Mrs. J. D. Roberts.


150 Years Ago

Crickets: Trains of the Central Pacific Railroad have been stopped by crickets and delayed. Mr. Gidney of Ruby Valley informs us that at one point near Wells, they had to back down half a mile and make three trials before they could get over where the crickets had piled themselves. 140 Years Ago

Our pet spider: In the pigeon holes back of the editor’s desk are two horned toads, a lizard eight inches long and a garter snake in a jar. All are alive. Every morning we find some addition to the collection. Nothing can draw us away from our old pets, the spiders just above the desk. They are of the exclusive sort, but frequently come down on summer afternoons. It is not uncommon for the big head of the family, a grey spider about the size of a trade dollar, to drop down from the ceiling and walk over the page as if to inspect the work. He lights on a mistake in spelling and gathers himself up in disgust shinnying up the line to his web twenty feet above.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: Go to Chas. H. Kelly’s and get a little red school house, free to everybody.

120 Years Ago

Broke in: Colonel Boyle arrived in Carson looking for a couple of runaway horses that he had turned out to pasture near Reno. When he got ready to go to Carson, his team was gone. One of the horses was previously kept at the State Prison. The horse not only returned to the pen at the pen but brought his companion horse with him. They kicked down the gate and walked into his old stall at the Prison.

110 Years Ago

Genoa on fire: Fettic’s store was among the first of the buildings burned. The fire started in the poor house in the central part of town. Inmates were burning papers and a gust of wind scattered the material and set fire to several sheds. A heavy gale was blowing and the Champagne bar, the Fettic store, post office and telephone station were destroyed. The courthouse was gutted and is a wreck. Genoa said that the water supply had run out--$30,000 loss.

100 Years Ago

Rubbing it in: The Standard Oil agency stated that the price of gasoline would be advanced to 35 cents a gallon.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan.


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