Letters to the Editor for May 1, 2019

Seek common sense measures on climate change

A recent letter from a global warming/climate change lobbying group tries to paint a grim look at the world’s future if we don’t pass a piece of legislation that will solve the problem. Let’s break down its claims. Effective: Its claim is that emissions will be reduced by 40 to 90 percent by the year 2050. How? They don’t provide any facts. Good for people: It will improve health and save lives and put money in people’s pockets. I bet I know which people. Good for the economy: It will create 2.1 million jobs. How? What kind of jobs? Maybe construction jobs but news flash, construction jobs are temporary and end when the project is complete.

I can say with just as many “facts” that the law will cause 3 million jobs to be lost (coal, oil, gas industries and anything that depends on them will go away). Wouldn’t that be a net loss in jobs? Bipartisan: Now this is the most overused and meaningless phrase used by those who are pushing a point of view. Do you know what bipartisan means? If you have 200 politicians of one party who like something and just one politician of the other party who also likes it, that is bipartisan. It is used by those who are pushing a point of view without facts to back up their claims. Meaningless, really! Revenue neutral: Who is going to collect this money and return it to “the people?” Isn’t it more likely it will just disappear into some government black hole? If all this sounds like cow manure to you, then your loyalty and patriotism will be attacked just like I am sure mine will be.

One last note: No other country in the entire world has to abide by this law. Yes, we should work to create a better environment for the next generation but let’s do it in a logical and intelligent fashion. Let’s get the true experts to come together and brainstorm some common sense measures to mitigate the problem. No politicians or lobby groups should be involved with any step of the process.

David Knighton

Carson City

Try kindness and tolerance instead

Regarding the closed-minded letter from Mr. John Frink (“South American countries should accept refugees,” April 24, 2019), it seems to me that he has condemned every person from any Spanish speaking country as a wannabe deadbeat. I imagine that most people who come here want to work; they want better lives for their families and children just like we do. Some years ago, I taught English as a second language at then-WNCC. My students came to night school after working all day at mostly menial jobs. They worked hard; it is really difficult to learn a new language as an adult. After teaching English, I decided to study Spanish. I didn’t learn, although I tried. So, Mr. Frink, before you condemn everyone who isn’t born here, try to walk a few steps in their shoes. Sure, there are deadbeats, native born and immigrant. But most of the immigrants I have met are hardworking. And, yes, they probably do try to send money back home to their families. Can you imagine sending a portion of your income to others? So, while we can hope other countries will accept some of these people, we need to support, not condemn, refugees.

Jean Murray

Carson City


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