Letters to the Editor for April 24, 2019

South American countries should accept refugees

Why can’t Columbia, Peru, Argentina or any other South American country take so-called refugees from Mexico and Central America? First of all, they would not have to be bothered learning a second language as those places already use Spanish (not that that matters so much here, as in “press 1 for English,” etc.). Brazil is out because they speak a form of Portuguese.

Oh, wait just a minute! What was I thinking?! These people don’t come here for freedom and all the things this country was built on! They come here to loot the welfare system, get food stamps and to send money back home!

John Frink

Carson City

New leadership needed to compensate for Amodei’s lack thereof

The Hon. Rep. Mark Amodei blames Congress for not thinking about the problems of immigration and health care.

About health care, Amodei said, “The only thing the issue is missing is leadership.”

Amodei doesn’t expect that leadership to come from himself, his party or the guy he favored and backed in 2016. Yet, we keep on electing Amodei. To borrow a phrase from President Trump, Amodei’s a “low-energy” kind of guy. Let’s dump him.

Robert Simpson


Politics, politicians and parties

They all remind me of life in the 1940s and 50s. Each morning we’d wake-up with a different taste for breakfast — Hot cereal, cold cereal, or perhaps a stack of pancakes. We went to the pantry; pulled a box off the shelf; opened it up; and routinely began sifting and tweezing to remove weevils, worms and other insect pupae. But, no matter how long and how carefully we searched, we were fully aware that some were missed.

After sitting down to eat, our eyes scanned our bowls for suspicious looking specks, and we’d tweeze again. In likeness to that, no matter what political views we had, and no matter what political parties and politicians we liked, they all came with something undesirable. And no matter how meticulous we sifted and tweezed before voting, we always missed something. Thanks to more effective farming, our food supplies have improved, but politics, politicians and parties haven’t. Therefore, pray a lot and try to remember – Regardless of who we choose to sit in our political offices, God is still sitting on his throne. The day is coming when he will sift and tweeze with 100% effectiveness. So get used to finding an occasional worm on your plate, but don’t leave it there.

Kenneth L. Ready

Carson City


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