SEASON PREVIEW: Oasis Academy softball

Head coach and number of years in position: Rachel Payne, three

Assistant coaches: Brandon Bird and John Short

Players, year, position and number of years of experience with the program: Jazmine Perez, senior, shortstop, three; Mariah Snooks, third base and catcher, three; Lena Leal, junior, pitcher and center field, three; Emily Payne, sophomore, pitcher and utility, two; Calli Perez, sophomore, first base, two; Erin Wachmuth, sophomore, outfield, two; Paige Bryant, sophomore, outfield, one; Jem Thompson, sophomore, outfield, one; Rachel Bake, freshman, outfield; Ellie Bird, freshman, second base and utlitiy; Kaitlyn Hert, freshman, catcher and third base.

Previous season’s record: 16-1 overall (2-0 league)

Players to watch out for: Jazmine Perez is aggressive on the field, at bat and on the bases. Mariah Snooks is a solid player both offensively and defensively. Lena Leal has years of experience and plays smart. She is fast and a reliable key player. Emily Payne is a strong pitcher and a well-rounded, experienced player. Ellie Bird is a freshman slap hitter who is fast and consistent. She is a valuable addition to the team.

What are your team’s goals for the season?: Our goals are to continue to develop and build our team as well as our program. Our team is committed to give a full effort and puts in the hard work to improve individually as well as grow and work together as a team.

Who are your leaders/captains and what do you expect from them?: Jazmine Perez and Mariah Snooks are our seniors. They have both been with the program since our first season three years ago. They have proved to be strong leaders as well as strong players. They each have great attitudes and we look forward to them continuing to lead by example as they have in the past. We hope their last year will be memorable for them.

What are the team’s strengths?: Our team’s strengths are our pitching and hitting. Our pitchers have years of travel ball experience and continue to work hard. We are also fortunate to have coach John Short as our hitting coach this year. He has been giving the girls additional batting analysis and coaching.

What are areas to work on?: The areas that we will continue to focus on are the basics and the fundamentals of the game. These are always important areas to work on but we feel it even more so with a young team.

How does the league look and which teams will be tough to beat?: Last year, Coleville and Smith Valley represented our league in the playoffs so we are looking forward to competitive games with them.

Editor’s note: Oasis Academy is not eligible for playoffs this season (NIAA probationary period) but will be eligible next school year.


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