Letters to the Editor for June 22, 2019

Government’s failure to act on immigration policies makes them complicit

Kids are being held in camps without their parents at the border. They are being denied legal representation, education and recreation.

Mothers and children are surviving on two bologna sandwiches in four days.

Ten-year-old girls who should be with their parents are comforting 2-year-old boys who are missing their parents.

We treat people in jail better than this.

If our representatives don’t speak out against this (and I know our senators are compassionate, but I am in doubt of Congressman Amodei), then history will judge them as complicit in doing nothing to stop this.

A wall won’t stop this. Cutting off aid to Central American countries will only make the problem worse.

People who leave water for immigrants in the desert (as the Bible commands them to give water to the thirsty) are facing 20-year jail sentences, and all Trump does is brag about how he’s going to deport every single immigrant.

Where is our humanity?

Mike Jones

Carson City


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