The Popcorn Stand: Ben Stiller would be proud of this Father's Day gift

I’m not waiting until the last minute on this one or at least I’m giving you more than a week’s notice to buy your father the perfect weird gift for Father’s Day, which is June 16. Or at least Huffington Post is. Last month Huffington Post provided a list of weird gift ideas for Mother’s Day, so now it’s dad’s turn. So if you don’t want to give dear old dad just another tie, here’s some weird gift ideas presented by Huffington Post. For some reason, somebody came up with the idea — and I have no idea how or why — to give dad a merman tail. So unless your father wants to look like Ben Stiller in “Zoolander,” “Merman — MERMAN,” I would suggest you stay away from this gift. There’s the Beef Jerky bouquet, which I think Plano Jerky, an institution located in my old stomping grounds of Porterville, Calif., should actually consider. Another gift that makes actually no sense to me is the unicorn taco holder. The one gift, though, that totally makes sense to me is the portabale pizza oven. There’s also chocolate peanut butter pizza. Those of you who read this Popcorn Stand know how much I like chocolate and peanut butter and while a chocolate peanut butter pizza doesn’t sound all that great to me, from what I can tell, it’s just chocolate and peanut butter shaped like a pizza, which, again like the portable pizza oven, is an amazing idea. I don’t drink whiskey but apparently banana whiskey is quite appealing and yes I stole that joke. All of Huffington Post’s weird Father’s Day gift ideas can be found here: I say just go with the beef jerky bouquet, the portable pizza oven and the chocolate peanut butter pizza and the Sunday afternoon Father’s Day meal and dessert are set. I would go with a more tradition beverage, though, and skip the banana whiskey. — Charles Whisnand


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