The Popcorn Stand: Weird gifts for Mother's Day

OK, I’m treading on dangerous territory here. I don’t know why anyone would want to give their mother a weird gift for Mother’s Day, but if you’re so inclined and are waiting until the last minute to find a gift for dear Mom, Huffington Post has come up with some unusual ideas. There’s the hairbrush that doubles as a bottle opener. I guess that could be a kind of cool thing for mom. Anything capable of doing more than one thing could be mean less clutter in a mom’s purse when she’s trying to take care of her children, I guess. Then there’s the Darth Vader humidifier, which I think makes more sense for Father’s Day because they you’re dad can go around saying, “I am your humidi-father.” The Somnox is sort of a sleeping robot that’s supposed to simulate a human breathing while sleeping, thus theoretically helping your mom to have less sleepless nights because of her children. From the hairbrush-bottle opener department, there’s also the Eyebandz, which doubles as a headband and reading glasses. Maybe is your mother is a fit person who jogs a lot but gets lost and needs to look up directions this would be a good gift, I don’t know. There’s the fake yoga mat that holds six beers — or six beverages — and I have to assume there are plenty of moms out there who would admit this is actually a really good idea. Back to the Star Wars theme there’s also the inflatable version of an X-Wing fighter, which your mom can take out to the pool, although it doesn’t look all that comfortable for a mother who just wants to relax in the pool. There’s also the bathroom wine glass holder, which has actually been around for a while, and obviously allows mom to take a shower at the same time while she drinks a glass of wine. So it’s a time-saving thing. There’s an avocado hugger which supposedly keeps avocados fresh. There are plenty of other unusual ideas here; But my advice is to just stick to giving mom a card and flowers and take her out to a nice meal. Maybe she can use you hairbrush-bottle opener. — Charles Whisnand


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