Letters to the Editor for Jan. 19, 2019

Columnist’s comments on illegal immigration irrelevant

Columnist Dennis Cassinelli’s snarky attempt to marginalize today’s illegal immigration crisis with historical examples of “illegal” migration to this continent was neither funny nor relevant.

The open borders crowd claims they’re just showing compassion for economic and political refugees. But in California, for example, many of these illegals were granted voting rights, which have swung elections by diluting the votes of U.S. citizens. They figure letting in dope smugglers, human traffickers and violent gang members along with their undocumented voters is a small price to pay for political advantage.

Mark Steyn points out that the United States should not import the subjugated and exploited, but instead export freedom by letting our country be a historic example to oppressed patriots to stand and fight tyranny and corruption in their home countries.

Sean Hannity has periodically interviewed victims of the immigrant crime wave. One woman’s 16-year-old son was taken captive by MS-13 gang members who hogtied him and tortured him for days until, tired of playing with him, they mercifully burned him to death. I think most people support a border wall and strict vetting to prevent even one such crime. Anyone of any age recalls the almost monotonous reports of Palestinian suicide bombers strolling into cafes in Israeli cities. Then Israel built a wall and the mass murders came to a halt. Walls work.

Cassinelli should stick to reporting what he knows best: Nevada history trivia.

Lynn Muzzy


Hysterical results of reader’s opinion

Regarding my letter you accepted and published about how to rid the country of illegal immigrants (Dec. 22 Appeal):

My suggestion was for the government to publish the names and addresses of all who support illegal immigration and stick them with the cost involved instead of the rest of the American citizens.

My question was how long it would take those supporting this insanity to change their minds.

The government has not published the names and addresses of those who support this action … but … I saw on the Web that I got the answer.

Minority leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s property wall was breached by some illegal people and she promptly called out law enforcement to remove them from her property.

My next thought? Is U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s property next in line?


Mary Santomauro



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