Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 28, 2018

Who’s eating crow now?

Rebuttal to the tasteless article on eating crow by Mr. Van Alfen on July 21:

As my friend “Muzzy man” says, liberals always save their most irrational, fact-free rants for those living rent-free in their heads.

There are now no vacancies in letter writer Van Alfen’s skull as “Freddy babe,” “Muzzy man,” and Knighton have moved in with President Trump.

The FBI has been using Clinton/Democrat opposition research to secure FISA warrants to spy on President Trump’s campaign. This was followed up with the false narrative that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies all agreed that Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 elections to benefit Donald Trump. It’s now been proven that former FBI Director Comey lied under oath, passed classified information to news media, showing his partisanship, encouraging everybody to vote for Democrats.

Former NSA director James Clapper, now working for “Clinton Network News,” lied to Congress under oath. President Trump’s mistrust started when John Brennan, former CIA director and proud voter for Gus Hall for U.S. president, publicly vetted the Steele “Dossier,” with its negative untruthful information on Trump.

The president is correct to mistrust our deep-state infested “intelligence” agencies. When the truth finally comes out, these organizations should be cleaned out and their offices fumigated. It will still be years until public trust returns for these intelligence agencies. Note: The White House is considering removing security clearance for these people along with former national security advisor Susan Rice, former NSA Director Michael Hayden and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Otto Mark Tarvainen


Trump is masterfully manipulating Putin

Why I think the summit went so well that we need to do it again: President Trump has Putin right where he wants him and is dictating what he is going to say and do.

When has a president ever been in so much control of our adversaries as Trump is of Russia and North Korea?

Trump has them thinking (like our media) that he does not know what he is doing yet that is the best way to get what you want.

The man is a master of manipulation and I feel sorry for those of you who are not smart enough to see it.

You would rather pee and moan and cry about losing and show the rest of us that you are one of those that hopes for a blue wave that will never come or a socialist movement where the government is the nanny state taking care of all of us.

Trump is a leader who is tired of our country taking it in the shorts at the whim of those we deal with all the time.

The time has come to turn it around and thank God we have a leader who has guts enough to do it in spite of all the naysayers.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City

Carbon Fee and Dividend

In commentary regarding dealing with carbon emissions in Saturday’s edition, Chas Macquarie states that economists claim the most effective way is to put a price on carbon.

He goes on to remark that taxing “fossil fuels” at the source and distributing the income across the population on a per capita basis would be an effective revenue-neutral measure.

He ends his discourse with several unsupported, bulleted assertions proving that his suggested measure is a win-win situation. I don’t believe any of this.

Because economists measure only the fiscal aspects of an economy and not the social ones, their recommendations have been notoriously poor. Any claim on their part of “most effective” must be challenged. Coal is the only fossil “fuel” we mine. Petroleum has no connection to fossils. Further, neither carbon source is exclusively used as a fuel. So what is Macquarie trying to say when he recommends taxing fossil fuels?

I agree. If we do not take prompt measures to reduce our carbon footprint, we will suffer for it. But it is ludicrous to claim that the result will be painless, or to imply by omission that what is poorly disguised redistribution of income would be socially neutral. The real question, which gives me considerable amusement, is will we as a biological species actually do anything about carbon pollution? Or are we, like the good citizens of Alaska, doomed to producing more?

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

‘Carson Pity’

I’ll be outdoors in less than a month.

11 years in my apartment has come to a bust.

A person with his skyrocketing rent,

Has me headed outdoors, got me mad bent.

Two rent increases within a year

Won’t fix a thing, has us living in fear.

Pricing us out to double the rent,

Pardon my tears, but I gotta vent.

I’m a 51-year-old woman, no kids, no way.

With two jobs, one federal and one minimum wage.

And STILL can’t afford the rent, it’s a fact.

But I’ll make it, you watch, God has my back.

People whine about Carson’s homeless problem, “What a pity!”

How bout rent control legislation in Carson City?

Sandoval, Heller, Amodei, YOU can fix this, FAST.

But we homeless are on the back burner, we can’t afford a kick back.

God Bless FISH, The Bridge and Ron Wood

Who feed the homeless and genuinely care.

You give us food, clothes and spiritual encouragement.

Understanding our struggle, you’re always there.

I’ve been homeless in L.A., so this should be a cake walk.

I got my sleeping bag and oil lamp so I can walk my talk.

As I’m camping out in my tent on C Hill, I’m done, it’s a wrap.

I just need a pit bull to guard my camp.

Pardon my rage, hopelessness and sorrow,

While I buy a tent to pitch outdoors tomorrow.

I’d rather live in my car braving the heat like a mug,

Than being eaten alive by 395’s hotel bedbugs.

Robin Christy

Carson City


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