Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018

On Linear trail work: What gives?

For several weeks, the Linear Ditch Trail has been closed for repair work. It appears that little or nothing has yet been done. What gives? Will it be partially demolished to provide access for the proposed subdivision? Who knows?

The city supervisors have never met a subdivision they didn’t like.

Robert Hilderbrand

Carson City

Who benefits?

It’s time we start asking ourselves — who benefits? Who benefits when we, as Americans, disparage the very things our nation was built on — diversity, a free press, separation of the branches of government?

Who benefits when we are encouraged to hate someone because of their political party, or because of their religion, or race?

Who benefits when we fight among ourselves? When we are so polarized we no longer listen to different ideas or believe in compromise?

Who benefits when we forget our humanity? Not you or me. Not the least or the most among us. Not our democracy.

Who benefits? Evil and those who want to destroy the United State and all that we stand for.

Wake up, people. It’s time we start to stand together. A nation divided will fall.

Donna Weidner


Carbon Fee and Dividend, once again

I read Michael Goldeen’s letter of July 28, regarding Carbon Fee and Dividend. I am encouraged that Mr. Goldeen recognizes we all need to promptly reduce our “carbon footprint.” However, I don’t think there was any suggestion by Mr. Macquarie in his commentary of July 21, that reduction of our carbon footprint would be painless. Many of the steps I personally have taken to reduce my carbon footprint are more a “pain in the ...”, but I consider the overall good and gladly take those steps.

The Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) report to which Mr. Macquarie refers, substantiates that Carbon Fee and Dividend is a plausible and workable solution. Mr. Macquarie used summary points derived by the authors of the report for use in his commentary. Here’s the link to the report, read it for yourself and then draw your own conclusions: https://11bup83sxdss1xze1i3lpol4-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/The-Economic-Climate-Fiscal-Power-and-Demographic-Impact-of-a-National-Fee-and-Dividend-Carbon-Tax-5.25.18.pdf.

Also, although you won’t find fossilized shells, bones, leaves or twigs (AKA “fossils”) in oil or natural gas, they are considered to be fossil fuels since they are derived from buried and transformed remains of plants and animals, millions of years old.

Granted not all the coal, natural gas and oil are burned as fuels but I strongly suspect that the vast majority is used as fuel. Derivation of products from fossil fuels also involves consumption of energy and I also suspect that some fossil fuels are the energy source.

I also think that extracting a subterranean substance, oil and/or natural gas in this case, and transporting it to the surface for further use is considered mining by most people.

Finally, if anyone reading this would like more information about Carbon Fee and Dividend, please visit the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website, https://citizensclimatelobby.org/.

Join us!

Rob Bastien

Carson City


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