Past Pages for Wednesday, July 3, 2018

150 Years Ago

Russian Pebble Spectacles: Mr. G. Frankel, celebrated Optician of San Francisco, will be here and take quarters at the St. Charles Hotel. He will be supplying those that require optical assistance with the celebrated Russian Pebble Spectacles. No matter how difficult the case, no one need despair if he leaves the judicious selection of those instruments to Mr. Frankel.

140 Years Ago

Carson Opera House Drop Curtain: The watercolor sketch shown us by Mr. Preddy was beautiful. “The Stage” says: Carson is to be congratulation on the handsome drop curtain which is being painted for her new theater by Messrs. T. F. Lacock and Robert McGinley of this city. We paid a visit to Piper’s Opera House, where the work is being done. “The Custom House of Venice” is the design selected by the artist and its magnificent domes and monuments tower into the skies. The waters of the gulf are studded with vessels. All around the curtain is a border of crimson and gold — cost $300.

120 Years Ago

The National Colors: Carson will be a wilderness of colors on the 4th of July. Business houses have begun to arrange decorations that have been in big demand. The Emporium was in the lead, but S. B. Cohen set the pace for elaborate decorations. Bunting and flags are in big demand. Explosives of all kinds were never so plenty and never so cheap. The war with Spain is the cause of an extra display of enthusiasm on the part of the people. The man who doesn’t decorate will be regarded as a Spanish spy…

100 Years Ago

Classified ads: Wanted—A burro and pack-saddle. Apply at the Appeal office. For sale—Milk ranch, buildings, horses, house, cattle, land, etc. Everything ready to conduct business. Prices reasonable. Location is center of Virginia City. Apply to Mrs. Ole Cisline, Box 46, Virginia City.

70 Years Ago

Stolen light found: Ralph Bovenzi’s wrecker truck light was recovered where it had been thrown away on East Spear street. The thief had wrenched it off out of maliciousness or decided it would be too “hot” to sell.

20 Years Ago

Advertisement for Wallace Theatres: Movies before 6:00 p.m. $4.25. Playing this week: “Mulan,” “The Truman Show,” “Out of Sight,” “The X-Files, “Godzilla,” and “Dr. Dolittle.”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote Past Pages for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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