Muffy Moffett

Nov 2004 - Nov 2018 My Dearest Muffy, Part of my soul went with you on that evening of Nov 30th. when Dr Ross came to ease you into the next chapter of life. You were so sick but your beautiful eyes never stopped gazing at me with that loving look. You were there when I became an empty nester, and always with me whether it was out to the movies, or dining, or taking long trips. But the most fun was just on our walks and being together. The simplicity of your presence. Just watching the neighborhood or greeting guests or just being there in all of my endeavors, made everything better. There's an emptiness now but I know you're in a better place.. by the Rainbow Bridge. A place where our pets have gone to wait for us, where they are healthy and playful. Then at some time we will walk thru that gate. They stop playing and run to us with tails wagging and many kisses. Together owners and pets cross over the bridge to the next chapter of heavenly peace. Farewell my furry companion, my friend my sunshine. You will be ,missed so much but that  special place in my heart will always hold you, never to be forgotten for all the comfort you've given me. In loving memory Nannette Moffett


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