Thanks for saving me


Hello. I am writing this to share my story with you as a canine rescued by the Douglas County Animal Shelter last November.

I have no idea why I became homeless. I love adults, kids, and dogs ... cats, maybe not too high on my list. However, there I was, on the streets. Fortunately, I found myself in a safe place with good food and wonderful volunteers walking me and hugging me every day. When Douglas Animal Welfare Group saw I had a medical condition, tumors that needed immediate attention, I had more loving care at the Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Dina, my foster mom, took me to her home for three weeks during my recovery. She wanted to adopt me, but she already had her pet limit. So, I enjoyed her family and traveled back and forth with her to the shelter. Then, Meneley Elementary student, Priscilla, told my future mom about me and all the wonderful animals needing adoption at DAWG. The next step was for my prospective owners to do a "meet and greet" at the shelter. They already owned a beautiful lab, Cooper, who was twice my size and a bit overwhelming. But our fetish for tennis balls, and loving dispositions, was an immediate draw. The impressive thing about DAWG is they don't just want to get rid of you, they care about you and try to make sure this is the pet that fits the family and the best family for the pet. When our play time outside ended, we went back inside to get further acquainted. There was much laughter, some tears and paperwork to complete. Soon, I was in the car with my new brother, Cooper, going to my forever home. I am totally happy and my new mom and dad are always hugging me and telling me how glad they are to have me as I'm such a "loveable character." I would just like to encourage you, if you're seriously thinking about adding a friend to your family, please go to the shelter first. Many of the animals are there because owners have had to surrender them due to inability to care for them anymore, not behavioral problems. I met some really cool dogs!

My name is Megan, I am 8-years-old, I'm a cancer survivor and I'm a pit bull.

Many thanks to DAWG, Karin, Mike, Dina and all the volunteers that give tender, loving care to those pets waiting for their new life to begin.

Diane and Ted Griffin



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