Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 30, 2017

Airport’s name fitting tribute to Pat McCarran’s legacy

Democrats in our state Legislature and Congress want to rename McCarran International Airport after Harry Reid. They also hope to replace the late Sen. McCarran’s statue in Congress with that of Reid’s. Not only is Reid undeserving of these honors, many Nevadans are against it. (Take a poll.)

Both were senators for lengthy times, but Reid constantly used his power to block legislation presented by a Republican majority. Reid was an embarrassment to Nevada. (Google name search exhibits numerous Reid embarrassing articles and videos!) He often rambled and lied on the Senate floor — “Mitt Romney doesn’t pay taxes.” When shown proof of Romney’s tax payment, he replied: “We won.”

Additionally, Reid was despised and disrespected in other states as his erratic and obstructionist behavior made the national spotlight.

I know how politicians owe each other favors, and I hope that Gov. Sandoval is not obligated to former Sen. Reid. As a retired state prison worker of 24 years, I know many retirees, state workers, and non Republicans who are against rewarding Harry Reid.

I would also bet that many casino owners would not like to see Las Vegas airport renamed, or the late Sen. McCarran’s statue replaced.

Please leave McCarran’s legacy and Nevada history alone.

Debra B. Cutshaw



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