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Christopher Steele, a former M16 secret agent for Great Britain, wrote a dossier about the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia, exposing what Russia has on Donald Trump should they choose to use it. To put it mildly, it was not very flattering to Donald Trump. Naturally it was wildly panned by Trump’s people as well as many others. However, lately more and more of the content in Steele’s dossier is proving to be true., especially dealing with meetings between Trump’s campaign folks and the Russians. Steele is in hiding for fear of his life.

Many believe that if the dossier is accurate involving Trump’s behavior, including sexual escapades while in Russia, the Russians have much they can hold over Trump, making him subject to blackmail. Obviously, an American President which could be blackmailed by the Russians, or any other country, is a very bad thing. It might explain how Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have become so cozy and how Russia was able to play a role in defeating Hillary Clinton and electing Donald Trump president.

Personally, I cannot discuss the Russian involvement in our election without mentioning Dimitry Rybolovlev, known as the fertilizer king in Russia. He’s a very wealthy man. He‘s not as rich as Putin, who is said to be the richest man in the world. That‘s pretty astounding when you consider he was a government employee his whole life.

Rybolovlev has many mansions, one of which he purchased from Donald Trump for $100 million, more than twice what Trump paid for it not long ago. He has a very nice jet which compares favorably to Donald Trumps. How do we know that? Well, it could be a coincidence, but they were photographed nearly side by side in airports during Trumps campaign, including a small airport in rural North Carolina and in Charlotte, and even since his election. Rybolovlev recently flew from Europe to Palm Beach when President Trump was hosting Japan’s prime minister recently. Of course Trump claims the only contact he’s ever had with the Russian was when he sold him that mansion in Florida. Yeah, right.

It would be naïve, I think, to believe that Trump or his aides were not meeting with Rybolovlev regularly. When you couple the Dossier by Steele, which contains evidence the Russians could use to incriminate Trump, and the many meetings between Putin’s delegates and candidate Trump and now President Trump, one must wonder just who is in charge of our government. That’s not an outrageous statement.

As more and more of Steele’s dossier proves to be true it appears it is only a matter of time before the more nefarious acts by Trump while in Russia come to light. It is not far fetched to think the Russians would be using Trump’s behavior while in Russia, including his sexual escapades,, to get Trump to do as they wish. This could easily explain the many meetings between Russians and Trump’s aides and the closeness between Putin and President Trump.

The admiration our president expresses for Putin seems incredible given the fact of Russia’s military intervention into Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and if you understand that Russia’s goals are to fracture NATO, destroy the European/Western Alliance, while supplying weapons to Syria’s Assad. Russia is not our friend! There is no excuse for anyone in this country to vote for a president who is playing footsies with Russia’s leader. It baffles me.

Russia used Wikileaks to spread false stories, including derogatory comments made about Clinton, supposedly by her top aides, which they got by hacking into the DNC. It was most likely Russia’s interference in our election, coupled with the release of a letter to Congress just weeks before the election by FBI Director Toomey suggesting he might have additional evidence incriminating Hillary Clinton, that led to her defeat.

Vice President Pence used AOL to conduct government business, including homeland security matters while Governor and it was hacked into. After the hacking, Pence just took out another unsecured account with AOL. Eric Holcomb, Indiana’s current governor, is withholding some of the emails, he says, for legal reasons. Really? During the Presidential Campaign Pence viciously attacked Hillary Clinton for using a private server possibly exposing government secrets to hackers. Hillary’s server was never hacked into but Pence’s AOL account was. While what he was doing wasn’t tit- or-tat the same as what Hillary was doing, but it’s close enough for government work. No matter what he says, he is clearly a hypocrite, as is Trump, who must have been aware.

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