It’s collusion plain and simple

It’s called collusion when a person conspires with another in a mutual cause. When an American conspires with an enemy of the United States to commit crimes against this country, it’s also called treason.

No country, especially a known adversary like Russia, should ever play a role in our elections. Anyone who assists them or uses information obtained by them illegally should be considered a traitor to this country and prosecuted accordingly. It doesn’t matter if that person is the son of the president.

Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian attorney with ties to the Kremlin because she promised to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that the Russians had obtained through hacking. That would help his father get elected. That my friends is a classic example of collusion. I can’t think of any person lower than one who would collude with the Russians to interfere with our most precious democratic process, the election of the President of the United States.

Personally I think it is treason.

At first Trump Jr. said the meeting with the Russian attorney was about the adoption of Russian children by Americans. However these adoptions were impacted by Putin when we imposed sanctions against Russia.

Therefore any such discussion would have had to include a discussion of lifting the sanction. That’s bad enough, but then came the e-mails.

This might explain why President Trump has spent so much time trying to block the investigation of Russia’s involvement in our election. It’s all about family. His son and son-in-law could be headed to the slammer. That’s why running the government of the United States should not be a family affair.

If, and it’s a small if, President Trump knew about this meeting prior to it taking place and did nothing to stop it, he too would be as guilty as his son. It’s hard to imagine that we would elect a candidate who may have committed a offense such as treason in order to get elected, but that’s what we did.

When the Russian lawyer contacted Trump Jr. and proposed the meeting to discuss what the Russians had on Hillary which would help his father get elected, he should have immediately gone to the FBI and disclosed the nature of the proposed meeting. Instead he said “I love it!.

Now we know why Jared Kushner never disclosed this meeting when he applied for a security clearance. This clearance must be revoked immediately. There are emails that Trump Jr. sent to his brother-in-law and Trumps campaign chief, Paul Manafort about the proposed meeting. It

appears Kushner and maybe Manafort were at the meeting with Trump Jr. and the Russian attorney, they certainly knew about it. This makes them complicit in the collusion with the Russians.

There are many meetings between Trump’s campaign staff and Russians that were not disclosed. Perhaps that’s because the meeting were all similar to this meeting. Lock em’ up. I can’t imagine anything worse than colluding with a foreign nation, specifically an enemy of the U.S., in order to spread falsehoods about a candidate in order to elect the unworthy Donald Trump.

If you honestly still believe Donald Trump is worthy of his office you might have your head examined. Couple that with the absolute fact that his campaign staff colluded with the Russians and I think a strong case could be made to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

It’s beyond me how anyone can still support Donald Trump. His environmental decisions have been disastrous. He pulled out of the Paris Accords and now an iceberg the size of Delaware has broken off the ice shelf in Antarctica. How can he dismiss global warming? Our allies are now against us, with the exception of Israel, while our president kisses up to that butcher in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.. We are no longer the most influential power in the world.

We should not be shaking hands with the Russian dictator until he admits Russia’s interference in our election.

Any one working on Trump’s campaign, including members of his family or anyone appointed by him who failed to disclose any meeting with Russians prior to the election including Attorney General Sessions, must not play any role in our government.

I hear some say that the president should not be held accountable for the actions of his family or staff. Baloney. He is absolutely responsible. Do you honestly believe Trump didn’t know about the collusion of his staff and family with the Russians to help get him elected? Get real.

I’ve had enough. Throw the bums out.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident who offers the Democratic viewpoint, may be contacted at


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