Letters to the editor for Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014

Obama’s red lines are yellow

Obama’s red lines are yellow. Again our president makes statements providing fodder for the Mexican cartels, Putin, North Korea, and all those mid-eastern terrorists who are — again — laughing at us.

At least British Prime Minister Cameron is decisive! Wake up, America!

Judy Jacobs

Topaz Lake

Will miss Sheltons at BAC

I read about the removal of John and Tami Castillo-Shelton from their positions at the BAC. I’m deeply saddened by the direction the board has taken in this regard.

The entire Shelton family has contributed so much to so many of the programs offered through the BAC. Our community has benefitted greatly from their efforts.

I’ve seen first hand the marvelous performances by the staff and their students on both the murder mystery trains recently and the Polar Express holiday adventures of the past.

I hope we don’t lose these amazingly unselfish talents in the future. Thanks, guys. Job well done!

Neil Duncan

Conductor, V & T Railroad


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