Past Pages for Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

140 Years Ago

General Marlette went to Washington and got married without saying a world to anybody. Miss Alice Ingraham is the fair one’s name. The ladies won’t look at her — they’ll just turn the other way, not because they don’t like the general, but because they really have no curiosity ...

130 Years Ago

James L. Durant, carrier of the Enterprise, has finally gone crazy. For more than 20 years poor Jimmy has toiled in the heat of summer and biting blasts of winter packing the morning paper along the mountain sides and streets. No man in Nevada has faced greater hardship. It is humiliating to reflect that enough money was owing him from thousands of people that he served to have made him independent and perhaps have averted the calamity which has overtaken him.

110 Years Ago

The Arlington hotel has been embellished with a hundred miniature incandescent electric lights. The addition of the lights to the bar makes it the handsomest in the state — the work of Fred Brown of the electric company.

70 Years Ago

The Lions Club held its luncheon in honor of the Carson City basketball team with Coach Robert Punches and Supt. Charles Priest. The members of the team included Bob Williams, Gerry Dondero, Bill Nagle, Dean Munter, Weldon Munter, Charles Marriage, Sydney Mason, Luther Miller, Johnny Laxalt and George Uramoto.

50 Years Ago

The historic Northern Hotel on Ely’s Main Street is in ruin, a fireman was overcome by smoke, and several persons suffered minor injuries. The three-story hotel, several shops and offices in the building are rated a total loss. The Northern was built in 1906 by G. L. “Tex” Rickard, a prize fight promoter, from Goldfield, Nev.

30 Years Ago

Photo caption: Old-timers tell stories about how Washoe Lake became so low during drought years they could practically walk across it. That’s not likely to be a problem anytime in the near future, as an already full lake continues to receive snowmelt from the east slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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