Nevada’s judicial system handled 840,000 cases this year

From municipal courts to the Supreme Court, Nevada’s judicial system handled more than 840,000 cases in Fiscal 2014, according to the judiciary’s annual report.

That total includes 148,159 criminal and 131,739 civil cases. In addition, there were 72,381 family cases and 11,574 juvenile cases.

Those totals don’t include traffic and parking cases.

Altogether, the district courts handled 130,353 cases in fiscal 2014.

Most of the traffic and parking cases are handled at the justice and municipal court level. Justices of the Peace handled a total of 324,755 traffic and parking cases along with 180,594 civil/criminal cases. Municipal court judges handled 52,906 criminal cases plus 157,947 traffic and parking cases.

The Supreme Court itself saw 2,481 cases filed, the second highest annual number in a single year behind the 2012 caseload.

Of those, the high court disposed of 2,372 cases.

According to the report, that included a record 986 civil and 1,067 criminal cases.

The report showsthe busiest courts in the state are Clark’s Eighth Judicial District with 1,846 cases per judge and Washoe’s Second Judicial District at 1,370.

Carson City/Storey County, the First Judicial District, is sixth on the list with each district judge handling 1,080 cases during the year.

The least busy by caseload are the two judges in the Seventh Judicial District covering Eureka, Lincoln and White Pine counties. While they have judged 351 cases apiece, they also have some of the largest distances to drive to hold court.


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