Two arrested after alleged theft, chase

Two men were arrested Sunday after allegedly robbing a vacant commercial building, then leading a security officer on a high-speed chase through vacant fields.A deputy stopped Geoffrey Meudt and Steven Cozad at Goni Road and Jefferson Drive, north of Carson Airport, and ordered them out of their Mazda truck at gunpoint. The security officer told deputies he found the men behind a fenced area at the rear of a vacant building on Sigstrum Drive.According to the police report:As the security officer began to question the men, they grabbed a duffel bag and a bucket containing tools, put them in the back of the truck and fled.The deputy checked the back of the truck and found bolt cutters, a saw, large wrenches, hacksaws and other tools in the bucket and open duffel bag, and it appeared they were being used for burglaries. He also spotted an empty electrical junction box that belonged on the top of one of the air compressors at the vacant building.Inside the fenced area, electrical wires had been cut from large air compressors and a motor was missing from one; one tank was unbolted from the wall; and air-supply lines and power cables linking the units to the building had been cut.Both men were arrested on suspicion of possession of burglary tools, conspiracy to commit theft, destruction of property and trespassing and have been released on bail.


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