Teen arrested in burglaries of paramedics' vehicles

A 19-year-old Topaz Ranch Estates man, accused of breaking into personal vehicles of on-duty firefighters and paramedics, was jailed Tuesday on $135,500 bail on five counts of burglary.

Deputies responded late Monday to Topaz Station 4 on Albite Road where personnel had reportedly caught Bradley Stribling burglarizing a pickup truck.

They were holding the door shut to the camper shell to keep the suspect inside.

The paramedics detaining Stribling checked their own vehicles and found items missing which later turned up in a truck parked at a nearby bar, and the suspect's home.

They included fire axes and four camping chairs.

Deputies searched Stribling's home and recovered duffel bags, a sleeping bag, first aid kits, cooler with first aid items, fire blanket, balaclava, cell phone, Nintendo DS, two DVD players, Sirius radio receiver, and East Fork Fire and Paramedic districts clothing, all belonging to paramedics.

Paramedics reported a break-in Sunday at the Albite Road station and deputies found a footprint allegedly resembling shoes Stribling was wearing Tuesday.

He was accused of five vehicle burglaries over two days.

In addition, Stribling faces charges of possession of stolen property and minor consuming alcohol.

His blood-alcohol content was .164, more than twice the legal limit of .08 for driving in Nevada.

Deputies also discovered a checkbook belonging to a Galt, Calif., woman which had been reported missing in August.

Police told deputies that Stribling was under investigation for second Galt burglary.

He is to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.


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