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My name is Debra Ross and I am the owner of Pet Sitters Plus here in Gardnerville. I would like to let everyone know about a fundraiser I am involved in. It is called "Change for a Change."

We are raising money for Safe Haven-BARK animal rescue, a nonprofit. One of the main volunteers is an attorney here in town, Kris Brown.

I met Kris last winter when I went to see Safe Haven for possible placement of a rescue dog I had. They have many volunteer foster homes for dogs and a "kennel" out in Smith Valley. They help all local shelters, when they get to full. They have the main building, then out back they have several kennels out on concrete. There is no power or water to the back kennels. I was so impressed that Kris, who had a full-time work load with the Douglas County courts, and went morning and night to help feed and water the dogs.

In the winter it is dark by 4 p.m., so she did that in the dark. In the morning buckets are frozen, and with no water down there, she buckets water to those kennels.

So my idea was to start a fundraiser to raise change to run electricity and water to those kennels.

The estimated cost is about $4,000. Immediately we had people, electricians, plumbers etc., donate their time and labor.

So that left supplies, wire, lights, pipe etc. So then we only needed about $2,000. So I have jugs with the flyer "Change for a Change" in local businesses: Gina's Dog Grooming, Salletti's, Max's, ABE print, Port of Subs-Gardnerville and 5th Street Salon. Please go to these businesses and donate your change or whatever you can. Help us make our goal. If you would like to make a donation directly, please contact me at 265-7387. We are planning to run the power and water lines on June 26 and 27. I hope by then to make our goal.

Debra Ross



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