District names classified employee of the year

The Douglas County School District has announced its 2009-10 Classified Employee of the Year, Dina Parra, secretary at Jacobsen High School.

On May 20, Parra was chosen from 21 nominees for this recognition at a ceremony held at Minden Park. She has worked for the district for a total of 12 years, with the last three years at Jacobsen High.

Parra is a much loved and respected secretary, and the impact that she has had on the staff and students over the last three years is immeasurable, said district human resources.

They said she is not just the school secretary, but a major "mom" to the students and staff. She is able to lend a sympathetic ear to the students while at the same time letting them know in no uncertain terms that they need to get their act together. She makes sure that JHS staff and China Spring camp staff have the materials and information they need for students. Most importantly, she is able to provide valuable insight and perspective on students when staffing students - she is the first to meet them and the last to say goodbye, district officials said.

Parra's colleagues offered comments such as, "Dina has the biggest heart of gold of anyone I know" and "Dina cares for our school as a mother cares for her children, and under her care we have flourished to serve our students with a quality education in school and in life."

Recognition also goes to the 20 other nominees for their performance and contributions to the district: Karan Seelbinder, secretary II, Douglas High School; Ann Warrell, nutrition manager, George Whittell High School; Darlene Rankin, custodian, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School; Phyllis Saunders, assistant cook, Carson Valley Middle School; Mark Johnson, school computer technician, Meneley Elementary; Beth Smith, playground aide, Gardnerville Elementary; Michelle Supelana-Mix, secretary I, Jacks Valley Elementary; Monica Lynch, ESL aide, Minden Elementary; Deborah Johnson, Pinon Hills Elementary; Bob McClintock, Scarselli Elementary; Helen Howard, playground aide, Zephyr Cove Elementary; Elizabeth Hildebrand, secretary I, special services; Jeff Fox, mail delivery person, warehouse; Corey Hawker, maintenance technician II, buildings and grounds; George Johnson, bus driver, Valley transportation; David Simone, bus driver, Lake transportation; Nick Gitthens, custodian, custodial services; Sean Taylor, computer systems analyst, computer services; Carolyn Moore, executive secretary, superintendent's office; and Jennifer Ellis, health service nurse, student health services.


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