Spay and neuter pets


My name is Gina Stanchfield. I own and operate Gina's Grooming in the Gardnerville Ranchos. In addition, I have been rescuing pit bulls for many years. I am writing this letter to the editor to let people know the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Some of the key reasons why are as follows: early spay and neutering of your pets will stop testicular cancer in males and reduce the occurrence of breast cancer in females; it will make your pets more content and less prone to wandering due to natural urges; an intact male can be more territorial or even aggressive. Most importantly, it will cut down on the current problems of pet overpopulation and the issues of abandoned and feral pets. Every year in this country our shelters euthanize approximately 9 million cats and dogs and those numbers are continually rising.

Very often people come into my shop and comment how they want to breed their pet to make some money, let their pet have just one litter so they can keep a puppy or kitten, or they want their children to experience the miracle of birth. But don't do it. It is very hard on your pet and it shortens the female's life. Most often, people do not provide the proper nutrition, supplements, or care to the female during the pregnancy or breed them (or they accidentally get pregnant) too young.

Another consideration is the female's delivery may be difficult and require a cesarean section which is costly and can result in complications. The female can end up with huge nipples or hair loss after pregnancy. Then what is the fate of puppies or kittens that are not placed or sold? Most people know nothing about breeding and I feel it should be left to professionals.

I know everyone loves their pets and think they are so cute and they may actually be a great loving family pet, but most often these pets have bad qualities (sometimes resulting from in breeding) that are not true to the breed standards and which results in pets that may have health and temperament problems. If you really want to add another pet to your family please go to a shelter or rescue organization and adopt a pet, or with the miracle of the internet you can even find breed specific rescue groups to find just what you are looking for. Please do your pets and our world a favor: spay and neuter your pets. "Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die."

Gina M. Stanchfield



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