Trial set in alleged desert kidnapping

A Nov. 2 trial is set for a Douglas County Jail inmate charged with felony kidnapping and robbery with use of a deadly weapon.

Robert Pierce, 33, pleaded not guilty to the charges moments after his codefendant accepted a plea agreement with the district attorney's office and agreed to testify against Pierce if required.

Timothy Young, 27, pleaded guilty to robbery, avoiding prosecution on the more serious charges of kidnapping in the first degree and robbery with use of a deadly weapon.

Young is in Nevada State Prison serving up to five years for an unrelated incident with similar charges that also involved Pierce.

Attorney John Oakes, representing Pierce, asked for a four-day trial.

"I just have a funny feeling if this case goes to trial, there will be lots of twists and turns," Oakes said.

Pierce and Young were sentenced earlier this year for an Aug. 25, 2009, incident in which the victim was driven into the desert and punched for failure to pay for a tattoo which Young had provided. The victim was to turn over a truck for payment.

When the victim wasn't authorized to sign over the vehicle, Young allegedly tried to intimidate him.

Young went to prison for the offense and Pierce to Douglas County Jail to serve a one-year sentence as part of four years probation.

The same day Pierce was sentenced, he and Young were charged for a similar offense that allegedly occurred Aug. 3, 2009.

The victim in the new case said Pierce and Young came to his residence in Carson City and forced him into a van. He claimed they drove him to the desert near Bodie Flats, used pepper spray, threatened him with a knife and took his wallet and clothing except for his socks and underwear.

He walked to a residence and summoned help.

Under terms of Young's plea agreement, the state will recommend 24-60 months and he won't request probation.

The state also won't seek an enhancement for habitual criminal and Young agreed to testify truthfully.

The maximum sentence on the robbery charge is 15 years, with a 2-5 year minimum.

Young said he knew the victim.

"My role was taking his property," Young said. "He wasn't a random person. He was targeted, he was there to get beat up. I didn't have a problem with him, but Mr. Pierce did, very much so."

Young denied touching the victim or taking a wallet.

"I did threaten him with a knife or razor blade. It was more just to scare him," Young said.

Young's attorney, Robert Morris, confirmed there was no agreement as to whether Young's sentence would be concurrent or consecutive to his prison sentence.

District Judge Michael Gibbons set Young's sentencing for Sept. 27.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter said Pierce was offered the same plea agreement, but declined.


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