UNR announces Douglas graduates

Jakota Wass performs in Minden Park on Aug. 4, 2023.

Jakota Wass performs in Minden Park on Aug. 4, 2023.
Photo by Ron Harpin.

Of the more than 3,000 degrees being conferred at the University of Nevada, Reno, this week more than 50 of them will go to Douglas County residents.

The university is scheduled to conduct five in-person ceremonies from Thursday through Saturday to confer 3,027 degrees, including 2,340 bachelor’s degrees and 687 advanced degrees.

Among the graduates are Adriana Grant, who will be receiving her degree in public health, according to former R-C photographers Belinda and Jim Grant.

Gardnerville musician Jakota Wass is also listed as graduating this year. Both were 2020 graduates of Douglas High School.

The University provided the list of graduates who currently call Douglas County home. Others who’ve moved to Reno or elsewhere generally aren’t included. Email editor@recordcourier.com to annouce a graduate.


Lisa Aleman

Marie Bledsoe

Allyson Bliss

Camden Brown

Logic Chernago

Isabella Dickey

Patricia Falanga

Adriana Grant

Jessica Harris

Chase Jackson

Andrew Kalb

Hannah Kallas

Amrit Kaur

Mathew Kruse

Rylee Kull

Kennedy Lash

Casey Lawrence

William Lento

Jessica Martin-Merritt

Jennifer Matus

Tara Morra

Julia Nair

Brandon Roberts

Ellie Simpson

Collette Vaughn

Jakota Wass

Mikayla Wass

Mariah Wolery


Irina Alexandrova

John Crosby

Matia Fagen

Ryan Falk

Hayley Finkle

Liam Fitzpatrick

Marissa Flanders

Spencer Flanders

Nolan Hagen

Joshua Herup

Andrew Hignight

Olivia Johnson

Elana Ketchian

Abner Lowe

Elizabeth Moreno

Daniel Morgan

Harrison Morris

Ian Pettersen

Bryan Rice

Madison Rodgers

Brady Rodina

Jennifer Tackitt

Amanda-Marie Thurston

Colton Weaver


Ashley Boulet

Sabrina Trachsel

Winter graduates


Alexa Field

Isaiah Jarrett

Alyxxis Peterson

Randolph Rego

Alexander Valdes

Stephanie Wrenn


Parker Gallagher

Courtney Grahl

Madeline Langhoff

Kyle Pearson

Leah Ramsey-Kruse

Christina Reinholz

Nicole Rowe

Jarrett Rudd

John Sheridan

Genesis Torres


Sean Keely


Shaina Laub

Hannah Smorra

Zephyr Cove

Clyde Quillin


Christian Snooks


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