Man admits selling pot two years ago

A 20-year-old man, who admitted selling marijuana two years ago, was admitted Tuesday to Western Regional Drug Court and told to take it seriously.

Kannon Valdez pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance for sale, stemming from sales that took place in March 2007.

He admitted selling marijuana from his house in Jacks Valley and two other locations.

Valdez's lawyer, Derrick Lopez, said sentencing was delayed because the cooperating source who made the purchase disappeared.

Charges were filed after the source returned to the area.

Prosecutors agreed not to oppose drug court if Valdez testifies truthfully in investigations.

Valdez said he dropped out of school in ninth grade and was having trouble finding work.

Gamble said a condition of admission to drug court would be that Valdez earn an adult diploma or his general equivalency diploma.

"Is it even legal to drop out at ninth grade?" Gamble asked.

If Valdez is successful, the charge will be dismissed; otherwise, he faces up to four years in prison and a fine.

"If you fail, I will very, very likely send you to prison," Gamble said. "The reason I've been hard on you today is that I am so sick of kids wasting their lives. I don't want that to happen to you."

He allowed Valdez to remain out of jail until drug court convenes in two weeks.

"If you use between now and then, that will fail drug court and you will be right back before me," Gamble said.


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