Gray Hills fire did substantial property damage

A fire in a Topaz Ranch Estates garage at 4020 Grayhill Road on Sunday destroyed a vehicle, tools and recreational vehicles, and knocked out power to the home.

The fire in the garage owned by Matthew and Nancy Ogan was reported at 7:05 a.m.

According to East Fork Fire Capt. Terry Taylor, the garage had a commercial propane heater in one corner.

"The owner went to the garage, turned on the heater and then went back into the house," Taylor said. "A little after 7, his sons were looking out the window and said the garage was on fire."

When firefighters arrived, the garage was engulfed in flames, and the roof was falling in.

Taylor said that the fire appeared to start in the vicinity of the heater. He estimated that the contents of the garage were worth $30,000. Because the main electrical line came through the garage, the electricity was knocked out to the home. Taylor said county officials and the owner are working to get power restored.

Firefighters from Topaz, Topaz Ranch Estates, Ruhenstroth, the Gardnerville Ranchos and Minden responded to the blaze.

It was the third fire in Topaz Ranch Estates in a little longer than 12 hours.

Taylor said he is investigating the cause of two fires that destroyed a home at 1200 Slate Road. The first fire occurred

No one was injured in either fire.


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