The R-C Morning Report

More than a third of an inch of rain fell in Fish Springs since Monday afternoon, starting with a gully washing .28 inches in a single hour at 1:33 p.m. According to the National Weather Service radar, there are places in the Valley along the California state line that saw nearly an inch of rain.

A Zephyr Heights home was destroyed in a fire that sent flames up to 100 feet in the air on Sunday night. The Lookout Drive home was unoccupied on Sunday night when the fire started. A firefighter I talked to said that if this were August and just a bit drier, the whole mountain would have gone up. At least two East Fork units aided Tahoe Douglas firefighters in containing the blaze.

We're looking at a 30 percent chance that we'll have rain today, but it's highly unlikely there'll be quite as much as there was Monday. The Weather Service is calling for .12 inches, but depending on where the storms hit, it could be more or less.


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