Video games are too much fun

How much fun can you have playing video games? Before the oldest kids left for Japan, he bought a Wii system. It was so much fun. I scored a 225 in bowling and I was addicted. Good thing they brought it back to Japan with them.

When I was a kid my uncle worked for Mattel. So we bought a video system from him called Intelevision. This was about the time Atari came out. OK, now I am showing how old I am.

What I can tell you about the system Garrett bought while he was still here is that it's too much fun. Wii supposedly stands for two people looking at each other. This was so cool! Actually each night before they left for Japan, Jenee and I played for hours with the bowling game. I got so good that I was bowling a 225 score like could never happen in real life. My right arm was so sore.

I'm not a fan of video games I guess because when I was a child and we didn't even have a television. My sisters and I would just play outside with our Barbie dolls all afternoon. To me, one hour of mindless activities a day should be enough. The other side of that coin is that it's good as bribery. If you are ready for school with your teeth brushed, hair combed, lunch packed, what the heck? At least we accomplished the task at hand.

Mountain lion

There have been several reports of a mountain lion here on Fremont Street. One person called me and said the mountain lion has been harassing their horses every morning for a week or so. Be on the lookout. I know a lot of people walk down this road in the morning.

I think it was a year or so ago when I wrote about the momma mountain lion with the two babies that were hunting around Stephanie. I heard later that they put the momma down. Maybe this is one of the babies. I can just tell you, I don't let my dogs out at night with out me standing at the door watching them take care of business.

Pinon Hills Elementary School

Don't forget, there is no school next week on Monday and Tuesday. Have a great four-day weekend!

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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