Game keeps seniors active

Assemblyman James Settelmeyer, R-Gardnerville, donated a Nintendo Wii gaming system to the Douglas County Senior Center, along with a collection of games which offer physical opportunities for seniors.

"As a member of the legislative interim study committee on senior and veterans issues, we had some discussion about the use of technology in helping seniors to be more socially and physically active," Settelmeyer said. "Specifically the Wii Bowling League was discussed. I had heard of the Wii device but before that day I had not heard of its physical and social benefits."

Settelmeyer said he researched the issue and talked to Douglas County Senior Services Director Warren Bottino before buying the game system for the senior center using his campaign funds.

"To my surprise I found out how hard they are to acquire," Settelmeyer said. "I went to our local Best Buy to find out that they are sold out. They kindly did a search of all the Northern stores only to find out that they too are sold out. Luckily I went to Wal-Mart which had one in stock."

The system comes with Wii Sports included. It has bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, and boxing. Some retirement facilities have Olympic Games once a year for their retirees, according to Settelmeyer.

"I also picked up an additional controller that came with additional games such as pool, ping-pong, fishing, shooting range and many others," he said.

While at the center, Settelmeyer watched Ester Hildebrand bowling on the Wii, and getting quite a few strikes.

Hildebrand said it was nice since she can't bowl the way she used to due to arthritis.

"I did this with my campaign funds, and I can't think of a better use," Settelmeyer said. "We can't wait for government to take care of our seniors; we must look for ways to help and act on them. In fact, I challenge my fellow candidates for elected office to use their funds to make our seniors lives a little better."


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