Historic Douglas women " remembering good people


by Sharlene Irete

R-C People Editor

"Douglas County Women: Past, Present and Future" is the theme of the Douglas County Historical Society's ninth annual Women's History Remembering Project.

This project has been successful in preserving Douglas County history and is held in March to celebrate National Women in History Month.

The historical society is asking for nominations of women who have made a significant contribution to the quality of life in Douglas County. Nominees, living or deceased, must live or have lived in Douglas County. Women honored at a public reception on March 28 will be chosen at the discretion of the women in history committee.

Women in history committee member Helen Chappell said the project is important by honoring the women who made the Valley what it is.

"Some women who have been honored were more significant politically, but some were good mothers, good grandmothers, good businesswomen " women who did something to help the Valley.

"I honored my mother Grace Jaunsaras who was an immigrant. My parents ran the Overland Hotel. What she did was she helped high school girls get a job. She wasn't politically outstanding, but she was part of the history of the Valley," said Chappell.

"My mother was from France and (2000 honoree) Gorgonia Borda was from Spain. They weren't politically active. They were just good people."

Nominating packets may be picked up at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center 1477 Highway 395, Gardnerville. The 83 women honored since 2000 have been nominated by relatives, friends and co-workers. The nomination forms include questions on how the nominee came to live in Douglas County and how she contributed to the community. A brief biographical sketch should give an idea of the nominee's qualities that epitomize a woman in Douglas County.

Deadline to submit nominees is March 6. Packets may be mailed by calling the historical society office at 782-2555 or Helen Chappell at 782-2643.

The women's' names and biographies are archived in the Van Sickle Library at the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Information at www.historicnevada.org

Staff Reports

Imagine the Future 2000 honorees:

Ella Anderson

Roberta Bence

Gorgonia Borda

Bridget Brown

Francis Callahan

Lucille Chain

Elisabeth Crouse

Frieda Godecke

Marlena Hellwinkel

Virgina Henningsen

Laurie Hickey

Theresa Smokey Jackson

Anita Jones

Jane Lehrman

Diane Malone

Elizabeth Miller

Nancy Miluck

Lena Neddenriep

Ellie O'Toole

Dorothy Scossa

Sallie Springmeyer

Wilhelmine Springmeyer

Maribeth Volk

2001, A Woman's Odyssey honorees:

Donna Allgeier

Carol Read-Anderson

Eileen Bianchi

Elisabeth M. Brown

Marie K. Cordes

Hope Falcke

Alice E. H. Haase

Augusta D. Hellwinkel

Winona James

Beatrice Fettic Jones

Alora Knight

Linda Monahan

Juanita Schubert

Lois Storke

Eliza Mott Taylor

Annie Trimmer

Sarah Trimmer

Threads Through Time2002 honorees:

Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Bricker

Dr. Eliza Cook

Grace M. Dangberg

Sonia Cochran DeHart

Anna Neddenriep Dressler

Anna E. Heise

Joyce Hollister

Betty M. Jacobsen

Eleanorann E. Logan

Jane W. Rosenbrock

Suzanne J. Stockdale

Alma Henrietta Yparraguirre

Carson Valley Women:Sowing Seeds, Planting Ideas 2003 honorees:

Barbara Byington

Rhoda Jacobsen Chichester

Leona Fillmore-McDonald

Shirley Claire Trimmer - Giovacchini

Josephine Anna Hellwinkel

Mary Raitt Henningsen

Catharina Bertha Cordes - Lundergreen

Mary McCulloch Mack

Irene H. Marshall

Billie Jean Byrne Rightmire

Ethel Cordes Schacht

Grace A. Settelmeyer

Weaving Our Colorful History 2004 honorees:

Alice H. Fisher

Margaretta Park Dressler

Judy Sturgis

Grace Jaunsaras

Olga May Judd Holmes

Frances Thomson Galeppi

Guardians of Us All 2005 honorees:

Louisa Beatrice Mott

Vera Gesselman

Virginia Kizer

Lois Brooks Hailey

E. Carol Judd

Dorothea Henrietta Alvina- Neddenriep

Marcella Oxoby

Footprints in History 2006 honorees:

Carol Lee Biaggi Aldax

Anna Norgaard Harris- Behrman

Lura Ida Jones

Cheri Owen

Beauty, Brains & Brawn 2007 honorees:

Debra Jane Bacchi

Elizabeth D. Ellis

Sarah Jane Kinsey

JoAnn Smokey Martinez

Paula M. Reed

There were no honorees in 2008.


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